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DJ Sin - Drinkin' lyrics

Oh, I'm just a K.i.D
I'll be partying like one until the day I leave
"The champ is here": well hey Ali
You wanna go round for round? that's okay by me
Oh, another one knocked out
Tick tock before another one drops out
They say slow down but I love the fast life
Wake up in the morning like what happened last night

[Verse 1]
I wake up, in between the wall and the bed
Is this a hotel? Looks like someone called in the feds
Veins; would; spill; alcohol if I bled
Shiiiit, I can barely move but I'll be Ballin' again
In a minute Just gotta put my shades on
I don't wanna see the day nah, nah I'm still way gone
Still not good to drive and it's goin on 5
But I gotta look alive cuz I'll be Going all night
So I gotta eat but Why eat? I'm bout ta dry heave
The Thai weed prerequisites the Chinese
And my lifestyle always counteracts the Visine
CSI team better get ready with what I'm devising
A ma**acre; either at the show or afterward
A party that'll leave you pissing through a f**in' Catheter
But back ta earth if you could call it that, dunno where my wallet's at
My phone shows I gave a pair of big titties my autograph
And I think we f**ed cuz I'm pissin and my trunk
Is pointing at the toilet; but the piss is going up
Checked my back pocket and found some panties
So I know we, f**ed cuz I always keep a trophy
1st time all day I've smiled; I said it would get wild
Said I'd beat the p**y like a red headed stepchild
Said I'd introduce K.i.D to the X-files and
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White boy wasted got spread like the West Nile


[Verse 2]
Spin in a circle 10 times; now try to walk
Chances are you just collapsed; or nodded off
That's party mode for me for you it's called not at all
Sprawling on the wall you'll need a bottle of Tylenol tomorrow
Get loose, hit the water bong; Jamaican sh** Watagwan
Lifes lookin like the autobahn; blurred, you sit on the john
Eyeing something to vomit on; being nice you go on the lawn
And up comes the Papa Johns; yard smelling like parmesan
You can't shake the dream; no more shots Olajuwon
I know ya favorite song is on but lets keep it down with the "la luh la's"
Thanks to phone cameras you're a worldwide Phenomenon
All YouTube can comment on, even your proud mom n pa
And Shawn's pa**in out in the recycle bin cuz he ate your mom's vitamins like Mike & Ike's and then discovered they were
Vicodin but it's alright with him, apparently
House looking like a film by Quentin Tarantino
Bodies in closets like David Carradine
So, will you last the night? There's no guarantees
Though, you may have defeated nervousness
You may have left the party in a tourniquet
You probly hooked up with a suburban chick
If she had tequila and ate the worm in it
Told her it's low calorie and provides nourishment
Like the gin she took without the furnishings
That's usually used to polish surfaces
Now ya throat is where the furnace is
Just another night of some f**ed up sh**
Not the type of stuff that you want published
If this is a typical night that I summed up quick
I guess we're like all the other kids with the Pumped Up Kicks

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