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DJ Set It Off - Strapt like a lawman lyrics

Aight, bruh
Strapt Squad
Squad up n***a
Strap up
Stay strapt n***a
Strapt International
This the life I live
f** you if you don't f** with us

[Verse 1]
Okay, I'm strapt like a lawman
I flex like a strong man
Spongebob on my chest, like I'm swag Ha**el Hoffman
b**h, I'm Rick Rossin'
b**h, I'm a strong man
Dick in yo mouf', b**h you better start flossin'!
I be straight bossin'
We cuttin' our losses
You fuel to my fire, cause I got that Fossil
My dick look colossal
Yo b**h look Kolache
Nah bro I'm playin' just like a Hitachi
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I'm sippin' dat Sake
Throw punches like Rocky
f** the hatin' n***as when they writin' sh** about me
Strap or die n***a, this that real sh**
Talked to yo girl n***a and she s**ed the dick!

Strapt Squad Strapt Squad, you know what it is
We comin' through n***a, and we finna steal yo b**h
Long a** dick, so we got 'em thinkin rational
f** Odd Future, we Strapt International

[Verse 2]
International, my dick long that's factual
They call me Dr. Swagger cause my raps stay tactical
This tape is magical, f** bein' practical
My rap style is natural, my attitude is casual
Your attitude is cheesy
They ask me how I do it when I do it so easily
Drop 5 mil on the weekly, smokin' that Khalifie
I am an Indian so I pitched a Tipi


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