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DJ Set It Off - Strapt like a lawman lyrics

Aight, bruh
Strapt Squad
Squad up nigga
Strap up
Stay strapt nigga
Strapt International
This the life I live
Fuck you if you don't fuck with us

[Verse 1]
Okay, I'm strapt like a lawman
I flex like a strong man
Spongebob on my chest, like I'm swag Hassel Hoffman
Bitch, I'm Rick Rossin'
Bitch, I'm a strong man
Dick in yo mouf', bitch you better start flossin'!
I be straight bossin'
We cuttin' our losses
You fuel to my fire, cause I got that Fossil
My dick look colossal
Yo bitch look Kolache
Nah bro I'm playin' just like a Hitachi
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I'm sippin' dat Sake
Throw punches like Rocky
Fuck the hatin' niggas when they writin' shit about me
Strap or die nigga, this that real shit
Talked to yo girl nigga and she sucked the dick!

Strapt Squad Strapt Squad, you know what it is
We comin' through nigga, and we finna steal yo bitch
Long ass dick, so we got 'em thinkin rational
Fuck Odd Future, we Strapt International

[Verse 2]
International, my dick long that's factual
They call me Dr. Swagger cause my raps stay tactical
This tape is magical, fuck bein' practical
My rap style is natural, my attitude is casual
Your attitude is cheesy
They ask me how I do it when I do it so easily
Drop 5 mil on the weekly, smokin' that Khalifie
I am an Indian so I pitched a Tipi


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