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DJ Sawbuck - Freewave (Freestyle) 6 lyrics

Aye, [?]
I don't even know what number freewave this is...
I'm f**ed up, but..
Watch this though
Aye, Aye

[Verse 1]
Bougie a** b**h, like my mean girls clueless
Bossy do the dash, I need Stacy for my new vish
She wondering why she f**in b**h
I got these pills from cupid, stupid
If Tricks is for kids, what worked on you then?
Lying to my old hoe, fake flaws by my new b**h
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I'm dying cause she fall for
My heart die when you switch
I'm a chase the hoe, I repent it though (x2)
It's like it's two of me and one of you that's what this mirror saying
Spent 3 years chasing dragon man a n***a might a slayed it
Pop p's and pop those, got a plan for us little lady
It's best we really catchin it, she be right here getttin brainwashed lady
Plug a meet me here, yup he scared he know my stats
I'm in the hall of fame of stains I'm waiting for my plaque
Seductive eyes, that's true, guess what I love medusa
f**, but love me
Can't do sh** to me I'm xannin b**h, my vision blurry
Talkin boring, tell me all yo mutherf**ing stories
b**h, [?]

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