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[Verse 1] I know some lil' n***as that thirst cream That pop a b**h on camera and we ain't talking 'bout twerk team Shooting up cribs turning porches to smokescreens Momma smoking nightmares chasing her pipe dream Hard to give advice behind a monitored call So his limits Senim Sillas, cause his pop behind walls School become a free meal, streets become a cheap thrill Same prices pa paid, he gon' pay a cheap deal Hourgla**s empty but he looking for a refill Revolver break dancing, yeah, he make that b**h windmill Guess he's just a psycho in the city of the Chrysler Everybody living spiteful n***a looking just to ice you So we living hostile just to cop some Aeropostale Trenchcoat Mafia, for a lil' Hollister Gotta get his dollars up, so we hit the dice game Lost all his re-up, now he rob the dice game Probation violation call his a** the son of Satan Got these old n***as scared, like it's Crystal Lake and Jason Cause they been through cases, they ain't tryna go back Fresh meat up on the street, he give a f** about that Snatching Cartie's downtown, wear 'em same damn week Tryna get the same b**hes on the same damn street Rob a ho-a** n***a at the same damn time At the same damn time, at the same damn time [Break] Cause they gremlins Gremlins! [Verse 2] He just wanna smoke some kush And f** with some hoes at the mall For that sh**, he wished it all, baby face and all My lil' n***a gotta ball, lil' n***a gotta ball Run up on you where that money at, f** n***a after that Lean in that double cup, lil' n***a screwed up Pop a pill n***a and he don' feel n***a You do it in the song, he do it for real n***a And all his OG's is either dead or in prison Scared to talk to him like, f** it, he won't listen Unnecessary sh**, thinking that he has to A pair of True Religions dog, my lil n***a blast you Listening to 2 Chainz, ain't thinking 'bout college I wonder if he knew that 2 Chainz went to college I wonder if he knew that, would that change his mind? Guess that's something we'll find in due time

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