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DJ L - Till I Meet Selena lyrics

[Verse 1: Yola]
If I got a problem, I'mma do something
I ain't gon' tweet about it
When you wake up in the morning, n***as gon' read about it
If you wasn't there, you ain't see it, don't speak about it
If you want something but you won't chase it, don't dream about it
b**h, stop blowing my line
n***a, stop jacking my grind
I don't need n***as, I'm fine
As long as I got my mind
Free ?, free Dre
n***as just doing they time
But if they was home, they'd probably be f**ing your mom
n***as 100, I swear
Just like a diamond, I glare
n***a so fly like a ?
They plottin' on me
I got it on me
Move around with the rocket on me
No taser, I ain't trynna shock ya homie
Headshot, I'mma rock ya homie
They remade and I'm not a phonie ?
Goddamn, the b**h showing me love
That's why they hating on us
So we can't be making this up
Strapped down whenever we roll
4 8's whenever we blow
My n***as ride like Tahoes
And blow sh** like Chicago
Better stay out the way when they goin'
Spin through your block then they gone
Splitting off fast like a foreign
Paint a n***a face if he drum
I ain't playing no games
I ride with bangers

[Verse 2: Prince Dre]
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You better not come outside cause it's bussing, boy
You better not come outside cause it's bussing, boy
I will pop out where you hide and get to dumping, boy
Y'all ain't "No Lackin'", boy
b**h, it's busting, boy

[Verse 3: JB BinLaden]
Up on that block, got rugers, extendeds, got Glocks
Got flashlights and red dots, they all come equipped with the mops
Free bro 'nem that's locked, bro 'nem was sending them shots
Bro 'nem was cleaning them blocks
n***a, if you lack, you get popped

[Verse 4: Prince Dre]
And I keep a Glock
Run up on me, you get dropped
Get back to the block, no, I can't get caught by the cops
My n***as is savage, them 30's and 50's we clappin'
Yeah, we about action
Don't come to my city it's crackin'

[Verse 5: JB BinLaden]
Feds snatch me up, trying to ask me
I don't know sh** 'bout what happened
I was off ?
Or smokin' dope off in traffic (With a b**h)
Up in AC, I'm with Yola
Bro 'nem, they out here, they trappin'
f** all of this rappin', pop out the cut, get to clappin'
While your n***as lappin, me and the gang, we just laughing
These n***as straight cacklin
These n***as hilarious

[Verse 6: Prince Dre]
I told you stay inside cause it's bussing, boy
Them shorties on that line and they rushing, boy
Motherf** the other side, they ain't on nothing, boy
b**h, it's bussing, boy
My city get it bussing, boy

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