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DJ L - Retro Flow (Remix) lyrics


FGE sh** man
Its No Fatigue

[Verse 1: No Fatigue]

In your circle you got squares
All of you n***as is Belgium
I was a young baby boy
Now my pockets sitting on Melvin
And my n***as ain't with drama
So please move around just like 12-in
Like when water run up on a beach
Bro'nem don't wanna leave shells in
I'm not to them hoes, So I ain't catching feelings
I guess I'm a villain
Like joker and venom
If sh** get too loud
We gon' blow like a eardrum
My flow is too sick
I swear this was the symptoms
This sh** in my jeans
I Ain't talking 'bout denim
I [?] money comin'
I swear I can feel it
God gave me this gift, I guess Ima' run wit' it
Money on a n***a like this sh** is taped on
Every city that we hit, We hit them model way long
Tell shawty she bad as hell yeah she a rare form
Pull it if her hair long
Like Harry hit her with the wand
f** all them n***as that hate on us
That's why you get [?] like a shoe in a box
Can't put out this fire I'm hot
They knew that sh** right on the spot
Post up like cars the gang got a lot
Get on this D and ride me out the lot
Get on this D and drop it like squat
Free Billy, free swazy
sh** not a maybe
The view is so HD
I smoke a square like I'm outside a bar, if he start acting crazy
Bro'nem keep the 40 right by his side, like he holding a baby
n***as better be careful, my gang is the sh**
Take your b**h like a pic'
Hit her with that magic, I pipe her
She got two sisters just like her
We tell em' just like a nightclub
And spray that champagne, that's the right stuff
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Screw on her just like a light bulb
Screw on her just like a light bulb
Then hop out the bed like, Bam Bam
Dunkin' that p**y no slamcam
Tell bro to roll up that herb
High man, I can't say a word
If he pa** me the rock
I'ma shoot the ball like [?]
On my way to the bread
I'm about to hit the right turn
You n***as mad it's my turn
Why you hating it's my turn
At the top with the chips like a vending machine
Just like a zipper try to get in between
Slide in like a dollar at vending machines
Like I got a rash, I need the cream
Some of my dogs play with K's and 9's
b**h I'ma dog, but I wanna screw
Just like [?], boy I'm the truth
I got the sauce, I got the juice
You ain't gotta ask A$AP to let him that I'm dope
Better watch out like 2Chainz, I'll pull your b**h like a rope
I be all up in her mouth in the morning, no scope
Write my name on her like a note
What I'm saying here is not a joke
Shawty say she love it when, I scroll through like Instagram
Shawty say she love it when, I sing just like music

When we f**, man I swear I had No Fatigue
And you boys ain't chasing money, so it's more for me

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