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DJ L - Crown lyrics


Had to grab the L beat for the culture... for Chicago, I mean


Let me do thang
I don't sang, I just rap
I don't bang, I just trap
Put my hood on the map
She look good on my lap
I like my b**hes real thick
Real hood make it clap
She look good don't she, jack?
She belong to a God
I just want the cars Audemars
So I'll snatch yo whole glow
If u a hoe, that sh** gon' show
If u don't know if they gon' blow
f** they on ya team for?
f** u serving feinds for
If u ain't built for the sh**?
Tryna make my green grow
So I can get up to my wrist
So i could flicka, uh ,flicka flick
Blicka on this b**h
Light my Cuban, let it sit
Cause they don't really want no smoke
And If she wit u she my hoe
Think I seen this b**h before
Think I seen her in at my crib
Getting her sh** up off the floor
Think I seen that a** before
She was leaving out the door
Fronting hard, ask them n***as why they fronting god
I ain't even going hard - still leaving n***as scared
With the holy flow - baby
Get big we a stunt ya growth - baby
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Got lines no underscore - baby
Looking fa me, I'm under yo lady
Looking fa me, I'm out for that bag
It's secure
To make it clear, I never disappeared
They changed the game. But I'm remaining here..... yea
They be telling like they 5 n 6
But I don't get. How they expecting me ride
And I don't like the goofy sh**
I don't know. I don't know
All I do is hold my breath
Only I know about my dirt and I ain't snitching on myself
I ain't tripping over theft
After this I switch my flow
So u could gon' head, steal it
Switch it up, I never miss it
Only up. ain't no ceilings like that n***a Wayne say
No matter what I hustle hard ion care what pain say
These throw away lines
I don't throw away time
If u playing on my watch
This Glock will clock you every time
U could never take my shine
I'm a motherf**in' star
This my motherf**in' crown
King gotta looked the part - b**h

The king gotta look the part
The king gotta look the part b**h


I see what motherf**ers be saying, shorty
Y'all think I'm out?
Don't count me out b**h n***a
Y'all can't do what I do
Throw away

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