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DJ L - Cold Shoulders lyrics

[Ain't no feelings just cold shoulders x4
Im sorry but im not sorry x4
Little choppa and i named him bill
p**y n***a better write yo will
We scrapped up and we trained to k**
2 turnt up b**h i never could chill
Ears to the streets and i feel like mike will
U want dat beef den what it is
Talking that sh** then what it is
Called my j**ler told him ice me a rolly
I got dem os like panokey
I am the one like a token
I am the one like the chosen
Im drinking that lean like a posion
Im smoking that weed is so potent
Im smoking that weed its so potent
Im f**ing that b**h and she poking
She s**ing my dick and she choking
She asking me what am i smoking
Im hiting that b**h from the back
The ashes just feel on ha back
My b**h is so bad thats a fact
Im strapped up so i never could lack
I double my cup and i po me some act
She s** on my sick and she lick on my sack
I been had the money i been had the cash
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Congratulations smacked the b**h on ha a**
I know that they mad i know that they mad
p**y n***a boy u finna be sad
p**y n***a boy u betta be glad
Ion shoot these 50 rounds at yo a**
Im finna shoot these 50 rounds at yo a**
A r 15 so they coming real fast
No face no case so i wore me a mask
No face no case so i wore me a mask
No face no case so i wore me a mask


Im sorry but I'm not sorry
She playing them games but it ain't no Atari
Lean in my cup b**h this ain no bacarti
Im f**ing that b**h she a barbie
I'm way 2 turnt up at the party
I got the lean the Gas the pills the soft and the Molly
Im hard as a rock or a bolder these n***as they soft as a jolly
My feelings as cold as my shoulders my verses is hot as a taki
You thinking that u is a shooter but n***a u really a target
I need me that whole damn thang I am not taking no bargans
Time is my money Lil n***a and I ain got no time to be arguing
Ain't nobody even gave me a penny so don't hit my phone about Borrowing
I'm Thinking That I Am The sh** I Swear That I Feel Like The sh**
Keep talking that sh** you'll get hit
Don't make me go and get the stick


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