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DJ L - Can't Be My Bitch lyrics

[Intro: P-air]
DTM, Doper Than Most (Doper Than Most!)
If not doper than all
Third times a charm (catch up bitch) bitch
You know everything dope
Bitch everything dope
Bitch everything dope
(Haa, you still can't be my bitch)
And I don't think you feel me like I'm feeling myself

[Hook: DWA$H]
Yeah you got it, but you still can't be my bitch
Don't like me now, then you gon' hate me when I'm rich
Especially when I drop eighty on my wrist
She give me everything I need, but shorty still can't be my bitch
She keep my high because she roll a nigga weed
I keep them in rotation boy commitment ain't for me
I'm all about a dollar trying to see what I can see
I can't lie man she the shit
But she still can't be my bitch

[Verse 1: DWASH]
I keep it moving I ain't wifing; I ain't cuffing
Bitch you lucky even if you get discussion
How you kiss her when you know them bitches busting?
I just fuck 'em, hit the door; don't give them nothing
Every bitch that I'm seen with be going quick (ho)
So please don't hit my line if you ain't blowing dick
Keep it G so everyday I'm yelling fuck a bitch
I'm 'bout a dollar ain't no time for all that sucker shit
Money over them hoes man I hate a thot
I'm a dope boy, you the type to date a thot
My down broad; she a hood bitch who play the block
I keep her mouth full, she don't really say a lot
Bring a nigga loud and a fith of henn
Only need her for tonight; never hit again
Wife a bitch for what? I'm trying to get it in
I'm not your type, you not my wife -
I might just hit her friend


[Verse 2: DWASH]
Any bitch who thinking marriage can forget about it
Heard I'm rapping so they on a nigga dick about it
Dope boys nailing hoes from the same clique
Call each other thots when they do the same dick
I could never understand how a bitch think
And if she thirsty I won't even let the bitch drink
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Young nigga living savage bitch I been a dog
And if she looking for a man then I won't get involved
Every time I look around I see a buster
These bitches going you a goofy if you trust her
Niggas never learn one day they gon' get enough of -
Cuffing any type of bitch they jump from one dick to another
I just let 'em do the dick and move around
They faithful when you with 'em -
When you leave they do the town
If she a bad bitch I might let her stay the night
Tried to put her lips on me -
Silly bitch you not my wife!


[Verse 3: P-Air]
You want dick ? twitter
Baby girl come and follow me
She say she wants to have kids
Well baby girl come swallow these
Won't buy no bags, won't pop no tags -
Only time I trick is on Halloween
Won't buy no bags, won't pop no tags -
Only time I trick is on Halloween
Your dad, he hate me cause he a'int me, and that's crazy
Your nigga, he wanna be me, 'cause he see me, on TV
Your lil brother, he love me cause I'm making this money
Your cousin and your auntie, both just want to fuck me
Got a side ho and a main bitch
Me and DWA$H fuck the same bitch
Don't even know what her name is
But she swear to god that we famous
Pockets filled with paper, so my jeans are like folders
That's your new bitch I ain't joke him, but I know her
And baby girl's a blower, yeah baby girl a blower
Got her hands up on my joy-stick -
And I ain't talking controllers
I'm finna get this paper so bitches want to fuck with me
Say she want to take it slow -
So I gave that bitch a cup of lean

[Hook: DWA$H]

[Conclusion: P-Air]
We did it again bitch
Dope summer coming soon
DWA$H, P-Air, Doper Than Most
Everything dope

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