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DJ L - 1 Thing About Me lyrics

[Intro: DWA$H]
Dope boys man
Let me tell you goofy ass niggas a thing or two about me
(Chulo roll that dope man)
One thing about me...
One thing about me...
One thing about me... (Listen clearly)
One thing about me...

[Hook: DWA$H]
One thing about me
You know I keep some bitches 'round me
Keep them super wet -
I swear them hoes be tryna drown me
One thing about me
Is I stay true to my religion
Keep some money in my pocket -
And some bitches in the kitchen
One thing about me
Is bitch I'm all about a check
I wake early morning -
Hit the door then I collect
One thing about me
My niggas turn up everyday
Roll the dope and we gon' burn up -
Bitch I'm hot in every way
One thing about me

[Verse 1: DWA$H]
They know I do them bitches bad
Foreign bitches call me papi
Local bitches call me dad
Kick it like Mr. Miyagi
Bitch I'm stacking for that Jag
Rocking belts is not enough
My money make them bitches sag
Fuck your bitch and give her back
I know it make you niggas sad
Tryna turn my life to something
That a nigga never had
I'm pushing them packs
And getting them back
My money is why niggas mad
You need an assist?
I'm dishing like Christopher Paul
Or maybe I'm Nash
My money I'm stacking it up
Them bitches ain't taking it down
On Twitter they be cutting up
In person ain't making a sound
These niggas be clowns
I'm pitching that dope off a mound
D-man might let off a round
Blowing that dope out a pound
So loud I might wake up the town
We pick them up; they let us fuck;
We pass them bitches round
Them regular hoes, they never get chose
Unless they going down
One thing about me is I'm a king
My head was made for crowns
We doper than most
I'm smoking the most
[Lyrics from: https:/]
My lungs was made for loud (Blow!)


[Verse 2: P-Air]
One thing about P, I love money
Dirty money, Drug money
Can't no bitch get love from me
Just a whole 'lot of dick and some drugs from me
She a dope fiend, she on both knees
She addicted, to this dickin
Touchdown in the kitchen
Dunk it off Blake Griffin
Now this white girl what I'm pitching
Bricks wrapped like Christmas
Run on me you won't get shit
But a clip and a fist bitch
My blunts the size of a fish stick
And she ride more than a stick shift
Call my 4-5 trampoline
Why? cause it flip shit
Two hoes, one dick
Make them share, pimp shit
When I fuck a ho she know nigga
She out the door(dough) like a broke nigga
Won't even come a hundred deep
We'll shake the scene with four niggas
Won't even come a hundred deep
We'll shake the scene with four niggas


[Verse 3: JBTheFirst]
This not, it's not you it's me
It's just not you and me
I ride solo, Ho no
You won't see this loot from me
I'm with DWASH, P we grinding can't you see?
DTM shit doper than y'all
We the guys you planned to be
Got the bread in the oven (Bread in the oven)
Cooking up this heat
High off this life
That's why you looking at my feet
Quick tripping 'bout these bitches
Get your money fuck them all
Well it's kind of hard
When you can't get them off your drawers
Fuck it, bust it, twerk it, bust it, twerk it, yup!
Don't be nervous baby
I know you heard shit lately
'Bout how I'm absurd and crazy
Well it's probably true
And if I was you I'd be thinking twice
That's brain for me and brain for my homie
That's what I call thinking right (yeah)
One thing about me is I don't give a fuck
And to all my competition I just wish them luck
We got police bitching man they can't get rid of us
We just turn up hoping that we turn out rich as fuck! (boy)
Uh... JP!


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