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DJ Klimax - Screwtape's 7 lyrics

"The greatest trick The Devil ever pulled is convincing niggas he didn't exist..."

I call this Screwtape's 7

So as this thunderstorm brewed, I had a night vision, mind prism
Saw how wealth obtained could become my prison, I listened
To the conversation as it carried along
The subject of debate, how to entice me to wrong
And sacrifice me to harm, in pursuit of things I might try
Guaranteed success, showed me all the things I might buy
Darker than the night sky, yet clear his intent
Shook my hand and uttered Screwtape, tempter of men
Said "I'm here to be friends. Life is all about pleasure
We all die alone and these deeds have no measure
Charity or Treasure, cuz the suckers are fucked
You're better off to take the pennies and just double them up
Ponder over all your pain, life is trouble enough
There's real evil in society, no justice for us
Have you ever read 'The Giver'?
Better take, it's not delivered
Choose to aim and hold the quiver
Or you'll bleed and hold your liver!"

As I quizzed him on this theory he was pressing me for
I realized he was a pimp, because he came with 7 whores
The epiphany for me, I'd lived 5 and a score
With blind eyes to indulgence, this is why I was bored
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My mind hit the floor, no exit sign, can't run to the door
Like I'm Jonah in the ocean and I'm swimming to shore
They circled me tough, I'm strokin, but ain't strokin' enough
It was Gluttony and Sloth, the first two to step up
Sloth had blueberry skunk, sparked one, said "Puff It"
Gluttony had surf & turf, pasta by the buckets
Everything I love, and all the trimmings, never ending
Felt the fuck it and the itis come with Avarice and Envy
Pouring horns of plenty that were bleeding out cash
With Envy in my ear, talking bout a lick that she had
Vanity pierced my sanity, in the right ear she said it
"A genuis of your status is entitled to his fetish"
Lust was bucknaked, rose up out a mound of cash...
In my lap, grinding ass, undoing my pants
Enchanted in a trance, now the whale had swallowed me
6 Feet Deep, and I swore somebody'd followed me
A female from the Halloweens I have in my sleep
Night terror, right there with this arsenal for me
Saying "Baby, get those enemies, duct-tape and some rope
Wrath with a hollow point'll turn his brains into yolk"
I must be trippin' from that smoke, Sloth's sativa's no joke
I choked in the beast's belly, felt the evil swarming on me
But as the truth crept thru, I saw The Swamp as an Army
With the burden riding on me to progress and cope
I must avoid self-destruction, so I anchor to hope
I'm still a man like any other, mess around from time to time
But if you live with more than 2, you're prolly out your fuckin' mind

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