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DJ Klimax - Jack Crow lyrics

Because I laid my game down quite flat

Game? What you know about the game, Granddad?

I know the game. I know the game. Your granddaddy knows the game

Game recognize game, Granddad

I recognize game! Your granddaddy recognize game!

[Riley *To Fade*]
Game recognize game and you lookin' kinda unfamiliar right now
I - I can't... Where's Granddad? Can I help you, sir?

[Ted Roe]
See, Young Money is short, make my hoagies with that old bread
Molded myself taking notes after the old heads
Fresh duece and a quarter, owned businesses, supported
Brothers in the streets that's trying to leven up the short bread
Smoking Swisher Sweets, rolled a joint and wait to blow it
Hustle at the pool hall, quick to put one in yo forehead
Pimpin', never slippin', always chillin', I was told that
Keep an eye on crackers cause they k** you with no warning
See, legions of us lynched, but you would never know it
And for this, justice is what we won't be rewarded
3/5's of a man, yet they built 5/3's of yo sh**
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Then those Jive Turkeys put that poison our Crow's Nest
So who's the Judge of Human Rights who put our case the lowest?
And still we rise lookin' so blessed, notice
They thought it ended with a Black President, it's evident
That Revolution's at the door, cuz SWAMP is in the Residence
Ted Roe, not a Prez, but still The Chairman and Executive
Reparations preparations, making that my message is
The destiny developed, either f** with it or fail to it
Uzi weighs a ton, sweep up the shells from it
No evidence, an extra long clip, and still step like I'm gelling it, b**h!
Ain't no telling wit, Theo at the aim
Because all his aspirations come from the Astral Plane
As rage stains my brain with the thangs that we've been thru
No shame in my game, I elevate above The Minstrel

I'm Jack Crow, baby!

[Paul Mooney *Fades In*]
Black people walk like that because we have style...
We got flavor. We got rhythm. I mean...
The Black Man in America is the most copied man on this planet
Bar none
Everybody wanna be a "n***a" but nobody wanna be a "n***a"...
How about that question?
You know they ain't gonna let a n***a have nothing...
When we wore naturals, they took that. They take everything
They took Tina Turner. They took Michael Jackson
They took James Brown... they gave him back
Who else'd they take? Lionel Richie
Oh, they'll take stuff. Can you think of anybody else they took?
They won't let us have too much fun

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