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DJ Klimax - Buffalo Horns lyrics

[Gil Scott-Heron]
There are, a lot of comments about, um
Who's blacker than you are, who's blacker than she is...
"Blacker than thou", in other words...
That's the sort of trend, and...

[Ted Roe]
See this is way deeper than the hood or the field n***a
Spirit of them SpearChuckers, this is for my real n***as
Roe's the Revolution, Swamp'n Up is the deal n***a
If you comprehend, then cop a vest with your steel n***a
Fast, Reggie Bush in Red Zone, it's time to peel n***a
Poppin' peckerwoods, pokin' Polos, holes in Hillfigers
Zulu mixed with Weapon X, made for war, I heal quicker
Mastered Malinese, now my blood even feels richer
Solid gold frames, ain't no games, we don't peel stickers
Solid gold shank, take your bank and we k** tricksters
Teddy Roe the Terrible, my tribe track with real triggers
Sneer & snicker, Swamp saps your soul til you feel sicker
Sars and malaria, A-AIDS in your area
Swallowed too much swine and now Satan's sure to bury you
It's time for hog slaughter on the animal farm
When the hounds howl, ring the alarm

[Uncle Ruckus]
...and you: turn off that Jungle Noise!


[Uncle Ruckus]
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You heard me! Turn off that black, African, Congo, Jungle Noise!

[Ted Roe]
Now real talk, Ladies, I'm a donkey with the dong
And notes from Kong Schlong made the games rain long
And many more got called cause of rainouts, I came out
Out my mama's womb, unafraid to let them hang out
Crazy, Brenda had a baby, he's Swayze
Young man to a Master, Roe's never lazy
About as Slim as Shady, strapped with a .380
And Woolite Dark, so I doubt you're gonna fade me
Unless your name is Twaun and you keep clippers on the daily
Roll another blunt with this bittie named Katie
Askin' silly sh** like "Would a Black Guy date me?"
Windows to the walls, when I skeet, I'm skating
Escape, leave her bitter she can justify slavery
Her food tastes different, she won't touch brown gravy
Smashes watermelons, Fried Chicken's enraging
Flaccid nor failing, kept her arms flailing
f**ed her on the bannister, her fingers felt the railing
Freak in figure four, form's flawless, I'm amazing
Roe runs a regimen more rigorous than hazing, n***a!

[Uncle Ruckus]
Looking at the white girl, that's a foul
Speaking to the white girl, that's a technical foul
And TOUCHING the white girl? *LAUGHS* Now that's a lynching
...cause I am a licensed Zoologist
I have studied a variety of wild animals
And the African Male is by far the most savagely cunning
This is an opportunity to observe you n******gs in your natural habitat and collect data
But be warned: whatever n***a-trickery you have up your sleeves does not affect me

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