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DJ Killa C - Fuck You lyrics

[Hook x2: Mr. Sisco]
Pulled up close just to see what I do
That's when I looked back and said "fuck you too!"
They shook their head, they turned the corner
Continue to run this shit, that southern California

[Verse 1: Diggy 1-D]
I'm minding my business
Don't be lookin' for trouble, not me
So who do be following me?
Ain't the bitch and no stalker then they must be the police
Or think is he sweet, no playground with me
Try me, you lay where you creep, meele your son tee
[?] sticky, you know what that mean?
I ain't finna go to no jail, motherfuck 12
I ain't finna go to no cell
Oh hell to the nah, my nigga dog
Keen miss you all the time

[Verse 2: NEM]
Fucking with niggas that bustin' the police
Busters try'na dab me but most 'em please don't know me
Lonely cause there ain't no trusting them hoes b
Slowly losing all my patient with 5-0 G
Duckin' and shootin' these niggas be puttin' their kids in the coffin'
They lootin' their pockets, [?]
And plottin' their vengeance, rulers of officers
Chillin' and smokin', these niggas be pickin' their rope and stick and their homies and chokin'
Livin' and copin' from pigs that be locin', this world is just bullshit [?]


[Verse 3: LiL WooFy WooF]
Fuck the police comin' straight from the Schemas
Y'all wanna cuff up, shoot up this little nigga
Boys in blue with a badge like you all that
I'm comin' it up and it even be flickin' the finger while I'm packin' the Mac
Fuck the law, fuck the law, nigga fuck 'em
If they really wanna trip I got my sawed off for 'em
I ain't for that old pussy shit
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Fuck around and like a candle, get lit, bitch!

[Verse 4: DJ Killa C]
Now follow me down the road full of real niggas and bitches
Don't take shit from nobody, now drop your ass off in ditches
Run 87 into the eleven mane this shit don't matter
The Schema Posse done came up, opening up a new chapter bitch
Ay, gotta get this money mane by any means
And I'm killin' all these fakes, they be my enemies
Try'na take my energy, bitch nigga please
Gotta a gang of hood niggas that'll tuck you
Bitch lookin' good then I say fuck you


[Verse 5: G Lo Key]
Fuck the police, on the creep for a sweet
Just continue on my mission, gankin' suckas, hittin' licks
If they ever try to cross, I'mma kill me a bitch
Pigs in blue, they ain't trill, been I ever catch you slip
Jam the Glock up to their rib, they won't let us live in peace
So we tend to rest in peace, Schema Posse make 'em pleased
Grabbin' my shotty, then get up in cribs
Shootin' their ribs, just what they live
Hear my niggas, thinkin' them squeal
That's for throttle of a trill

[Verse 5: Mr. Sisco]
Fuck the laws, Glock my drawls
Lettin' it pop off at all of y'all
Watchin' them bodies go headed and fall
I don't care about the laws
Keepin' it trilla, I'm the realest nigga
I'm stackin' my figures, you niggas ain't killers
You niggas don't get what you drink in the liquors
I fuck with them shots to get rid of you niggas
The sicker the nigga, the sicker the killa
I'm mentally twisted so there ain't no sicker
I'm stompin' these chest [?]
I'm constantly gassin', I'm never on empty


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