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DJ Killa C - Black Cream lyrics

[Hook x2]
Smoking that reefer, that phonk
Doing whatever I want
Fake niggas be on that fake nigga shit and that money is all that I want
Red bone is rolling a blunt
Fuck all that negative stuff
I'm rolling with my niggas, getting the cream
And the cream is all that I want

[Verse 1]
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Doing whatever I please, your bitch is all about greed
Can't let a god damn soul nor a damn man fuck with me and ruin my dream
This is a real fucked up world, so I'm just doing my thing
Year of the snake and devils come out, bitch it's twenty thirteen
Rolling up a blunt, I'm high up off that skunk
I'm chilling in a garden with a goddess and we meditating
Lame niggas hating while I'm out getting cake
And breaking herbal down making moves, like I'm skatin'

[Hook x2]

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