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DJ Kay Slay - Drama lyrics

[Intro: Lil' Jon, DJ KaySlay]

[Lil' Jon]
Hey (hey!), what?! (what?!)
It's the motherf**ing Drama King, KaySlay (yeah!)
Me, it's ya boy Lil' Jon, hey (hey!)
Let's go (ha!), what?! (what?!) what?!
Let's go (ha!), yeah, hey! (hey!)
Let's go (ha!)

[DJ KaySlay] + (Lil' Jon)
A yo it's DJ KaySlay the Drama (drama!) King
Ain't nothin' but real (yeah) n***as up on this track (what?) right here
A yo Brian, we gots to get up in the mix
Like we back on the block in '86

[Hook: Lil' Jon]
If my hood talkin' fake sh**, what you gon' catch?! (Drama!! Drama!!)
What?! What?! (Drama!! Drama!!)
In my face thinkin' "oh he hard!" he'll catch (Drama!! Drama!!)
Yeah! (Drama!! Drama!!)
Tryin' to say somethin' freak b**h, what he gon' get?! (Drama!!, Drama!!)
Hey! Hey! (Drama!! Drama!!)
You better back up b**h before you get slapped quick! (Drama!! Drama!!)
About that n***a named! (Drama!! Drama!!)

[Verse 1: Bun B]
n***as sayin' what they gon' do when they see that Bun B
You tellin' everybody out there all that dumb sh** but me
Alright, you n***as want it, I got it FUCK IT, it's his space (space)
Soon as I get the work from +Kay+, n***as is gettin' +Slay+ed (slayed)
The 50 Caliber handgun, the Mack (Mack), the Glove (Glove)
Catch a n***a off the street, show his b**h-a** some love (b**h-a** some love)
Ho, you ain't gettin' no greater, you's a hater
Give him 30 in his grill, feed his a** to the gators
f** him now, f** him later, n***as know cause n***as seen it (seen it)
I'm gettin' my money now or get yo' b**h-a** between it (b**h-a** between it)
Rawer than Sushi and still swimmin' in the sea
I don't know how sh** was but I know how sh** is finna be (what?)
k**in' off the enemy, short stoppin' ya cuts (yeeah)
Cuttin' off ya supply cause now your connect workin' for us (okay)
Grab the thang and I'm a bust, I ain't scared to do the time
So if you wanna f** wit us, best of have it on ya mind, n***a

[Hook: Lil' Jon]

[Verse 2: David Banner]
KaySleezy, man it's easy, look, for me to go and bust
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On p**y-a** n***as who can't shut the f** up
The Drama-Slap-Ya-Momma King and Mr. Mississippi
If it's problems come and get me man, I'll dump 150
Out the (A) K, blowin' my way, make his momma say, "oh my!"
n***as die, I roll around high
All the dro clicked out bustin' the .44
If ya really buck girl, then you slap that ho
Knock her out
b**h look, ya know what I'm about
Born fair
If ya real then put it in the air
Big guns, big funds and real big wheels
Go on hit him in his chest and watch his body windmill
Aw FUCK, David Banner is comin' out the cut
All I got in this world is my word and my nut - f** n***a

[Lil' Jon talking] + (David Banner)
Yo we gotta let these (yeah) n***as know what they gettin'
When they f**ing startin' wit that bullsh**

[Hook: Lil' Jon]

[Verse 3: Baby D]
Motherf**er want it, get done up
Packin' heat out the summer
BLAOW! BLAOW! in the crowd
Now watch the crowd go ball
And this here (yeeah) about the clip and (ho) they dug it (ho)
And givin' blood up (come on)
I'm too fast for 'em
Mr. Potato (oh) Head (ooh), n***a then slid and mash on
Clash on 'em (yeeah), hara** 'em (yeeah)
Flash 'em (yeeah) wit a full tank of gas
Then put this (oh) in ya a**
Wit acid (yeeah), without a reason (ho) ain't leakin'
But (come on) how my tolerance is limited
Got 'em smokin' like chimney, leave ya body dumpin' like Jimmeny
You the enemy that envy me (ho) it's a sin to be (come on)
Friends wit these n***as who ain't kin to me
Family, countin' (ooh) the problems, when we jump off probably
Hard and he soft (hey), I was taught (ho)
Uh, (come on) when you done wit 'em (what?), they better not be able to walk
Don't talk (yeeah) and let your answers speak for ya (for ya)
The block ain't hot until it boil
I love the block (yeeah) like hot pot did Donald Boyle (ooh)
I make bread on the soil

[Hook: Lil' Jon]

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