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DJ Kay Slay - Census Bureau lyrics

[Intro: Kon Artis]
Yeah, we straight from the census bureau
Haha, Runyan Ave
We lookin for yo' momma
D-12 - where yo' momma at?
Miko - where yo' momma at?
Young Zee, hey Dame - where yo' momma at?
I wanna f** that b**h, her stankin a**
Hey Em where yo' momma at? (Ohhhh-ohhhhh)

[Kon Artis]
You know me, Denaun the same ol' n***a
I spray paint your car up like Rain-O n***a
See me and you are sorta like the same I guess
We both rock mics but yours is into our chest
You can't do nuttin to me, Runyan Ave's unruly
And truly this ain't a movie, you get slapped with the tooly
So pa** the slimmy and the Hennessy, I got the energy
To steal every car in this vicinity, you feelin me?
Take it back to when Das EFX was sayin n**ity-wiggity-wild
Piggity-pow, n***a be out
You don't really want war, I'm chillin at your door
This uzi will have you bloody windmill-ing on the floor
I can't be a punk, my daddy wasn't none
I lose a fight after school and I came home and got one
You reap what you sew, that sh** you oughta know
I keep it on the flo' under the seat - I ain't a ho!

[Hook: Kuniva] + (Kon Artis)
You know it's been a while but we feelin it now
(The rough sound muh'f**er, n***as k**in it now)
Goddamn! You don't want no problems B
(Get your name in the obituary column sheet)
It's that same ol' sh**, n***as back again
(Yo yo, you fallin off, goin back to smokin crack again)
Hit the weed (guzzle your Corona) pa** the Gin
(Better duck cause they back bustin gats again)

A basket case indeed; stronger than a can of mace
Slap you in the face while you patty-cakin witcha seed
I'll be makin all these n***as wanna take a beam
And put it right on my head
You don't be takin heed, you probably idol the Feds
Havin meetings to recite what I said
Liable to have you in a medical room
Walk in that b**h with a cell phone then turn it on
"You fittin to die holmes!" {*explosion*}
Got a chrome that be f**in up sh** worse than I
You would swear that I'm a Gemini
I k** a guy for nothin - eye to eye
And I ain't gotta touch them n***as face soon as I say somethin
Got a pump that'll tear your arm quick, when I leave a carca**
You would think you in d**h Row's office (AHH!) {*gun clicks*}
(Hang a n***a!) I'm ill enough to fall in the middle of moshpits
Survive and I'm gettin up high without a flaw b**h!
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I'm a dog on the mic that'll brawl out with Christ
Get to cappin at your captain 'til he fall outta life
I'm all outta nice, n***a tuck your chain
Put holes in your head and finger-f** your brain
Fool f** this game, I'm poppin at coach
Momma dropped me on my head and knew that somethin was broke
I ain't feelin nothin you wrote so I'm stompin your throat
Show up at the hospital and start punchin your folks
I'm a uzi with arms and legs
Duty calm your man, before my tooly bomb his head (WHAT!)
You wanna take what my 40-cal since you b**h-made
Spittin the right game so yo' a** can get laid
The f** down, I don't give a f** now, wha**up?
Talkin bout "Clappin" - quit actin, you barely bust nuts
Don't get it twisted at the gates, the name is Proof
And I'mma k** every man that came with you

Yeah, yeah - KNOCK KNOCK! Guess who showed up?
44-mag and tear your whole door up
Pink shower cap and, yellow drawers
My dick's so small, I can pee on my own balls (hahaha)
When it comes to p**y, Bizarre goes to work
That's why my mouth smell like hot dogs and yellow Persh (eww!)
So tell your momma hit me on my cell phone
I ain't home, I'm so wet gettin stoned with Norah Jones


Yo, I chuck n***as daily, a six-man crew that's born crazy
A triple O.G. like Tray Deee (whattup Loc?)
I stay sparkin, b**h I got a attitude
I step on your shoes and won't say pardon - be cautious!
Hidin from the one-time, nutty as I wanna be
Wild and disorderly, pissin on your toilet seat
n***a now you know it's me, I got a .44 wit me
b**hes all over me, +Sayin Yes+ like Floetry
Homie you wanna be a G? Go toe-to-toe wit me
It ain't no ho in me dawg, I shoot out where your colons be
Wave the people-mover, crowd-controller
Rob n***as 'til my pockets look greener than Yoda
And you know that I'm the +Shady+ type, the crazy type
That's probably why promoters never pay me right
We a bunch of hooligans, my hands is on the tool again
I'm bout to bust a Huey and spray up a f**in school again


[Outro: Bizarre]
Yeah.. D-12
Devil's Night.. part two..
The drama.. continues..
KaySlay.. hahahaha..

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