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DJ Kay Slay - Undefeated lyrics

All these rap n***as just sending threats
Got a nose for the money and scent of d**h
Red and Meth
Couldn't get as high when I spent a check
Big bills put a brother on like Belichick
Last second left on the goal line
Labels never thought I was a gold mine
Landed with the pen with a gold mind
How your thoughts made of gold but you don't shine
I'm a champ, got the belt on my waist
Leave em damp
You could tell on my ace
You can tell in my face
I been to hell with no trail of a snake
I been to jail with no bail on my case
Closed curtain
The flow cursed em
The most certain to go Kirkland
Two hands and they both hurting
I choke serpents. I'm soul searching
A cold merchant
My food for thought is for those thirstin'

Jon Connor:
In this mind it ain't no finish line
Finish my business before I finish my sentence
I k** it. Even the witness cryin'
They feel each minute diminished
So f** the critics
I wanna go down as one of the greatest who ever did it
Eva did what? Tell the whole truth in this booth
I'm a Flint n***a so all that ho sh** don't compute
Send shots at me with words, I'm bulletproof
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I'm from where n***as go to war over words and then they shoot. f** it and then they shoot, shoot, then shoot again
If the homies don't hold em down say hello to they lil friend
And they load up the forty four, stick a fork in your lil friend
Consequnces when n***as living la vida loca pretend
I hate n***as, snake n***as, fake n***as
Them sweet n***as, cake n***as, wait n***as
I'm my whole different breed like David, Kanye and Bree
The Fly City's on, y'all know' the pedigree

Dave East:
Started with a building, now want a block
Started on a train, now I want a drop
Dodging' rain they got umbrellas up in the Ghost
My n***a Snags put me on, now I want a Ghost
My n***a Max so potent, sh**, he just wanna float
Know a couple felony n***as and they just wanna vote
Dead broke, Winter's up in Harlem, I just want a coat
I don't trust flyin' sh** across, I just want a boat
Mami in my ear, she like I want some coke
Lil homies down in B-more getting off the dope
You speaking a foreign language if you talking broke
Head shot, head shot, murder was all she wrote
Billie Rose for the hoes, I give them all the toasts
Did this sh** right here from the projects
n***a, we always broke
Now I play the cover of your favorite magazine
I can fully understand why these n***as mad at me
Only gettin nicer, might curb your cypher, I hit her every time
With a rubber but never wife her
Begging me for that raw sh**, pull up on 1-4-5th
Heavenly Porsches with a dot that's gorgeous
Just left the j**eler for some rocks that's flawless
Columbian dinners, talking bout business with some bosses
K-Slay know that I'mma deliver godly. I tote Nines
I'm from the hood, need that Ferrari

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