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DJ Kay Slay - Strong Arm lyrics

[Speaker 1] Are you gonna turn strong on me?

[Speaker 2] You know, I think you got the wrong impression about me. (South Productions on the track). In all fairness, I should explain to you exactly what it is that I do. For instance, tomorrow morning I'll get up nice and early. Take a walk down over to the bank. If you don't have my money for me, I'l crack you f**ing head wide open in front of everybody in the bank

[Verse 1]
Rise from the bottom of the pot with the crack was cooked at
I saw opportunity and took that (huh)
Posted on the block like am waiting, tip and put back (yeah)
Young flashy n***a, am strutting, would never look back
I'll be where the tricks at, with a big gun and a hood rack
I got a fat a**, it's a good catch
Stuck in my ways, I ain't change my Jesus in days (days)
But I switch my hoes like my jays (jays)
Rolling on you n***as, these n***as want me to foul out
VA on my case, he waiting for me to wild out
They know I take money and known to bring the pile out (pile out)
So if you plan on clubbing with me, bring a towel out (what's up)
I make it rain, then I make it back (yeah)
I made bills before I made a track, n***as know that's a fact (we know)
You wreck my life but you make it wack (what)
You balls weak and you faking jacks
You ain't never sell no crack (n***a)
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[Speaker 2] And just about the time when am coming out a jail. Hopefully, you'll be coming out a your coma. And guess what?I'll split your f**ing head open again

[Verse 2]
Looking back on it like God damn my gun
Looking forward in the mirror, God damn Mashun
Y'all can chase b**hes, I got money on my mind
I don't remember hoes, less I look on my timeline (Drama King)
Selling Instagrams, rerun through birdies
You boy blue white like f**ing duke jersey
Use to shoot hoops, now I shoot n***as
Still ball heavy, you could tell by the pictures
Flashy young n***a, uniform full of dangers
And biting my style like wow, they relentless
The sh** don't stop, but I don't play
Red bean blu ray, n***a watch what you say
All I do is count guns, we can toss away
I make memorials like the month of May
You n***as is crazy, July you lazy
I guess that's why we ahead, good day "B"

[Speaker 2] Cause am f**ing stupid. I don't give a f** about you. it's my business. It's what I do. And we know what you do, don't we Charlie? You f** people out they money and get away with it
The Industry Purge, we coming

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