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DJ Kay Slay - I Love The Game lyrics

Ride on my own, resign on my throne
Babbling alone, bottomless pums
Come out of my dome, ride with the chrome
Barking under, I ain't mind watching my tone
I'm on a trick, trick sh**, they can't fly my zone
They abandon the city, cause out of town we had some action
Now they tryna come back to New York like Phil Jackson
Rappers wanna be singles, singles wanna be rappers
But I'm like, what the f** is wrong with these n***as
They moving backwards
We grow up in them small Brooklyn apartments
Them n***as floors better than us, then we gonna rob them
You son of a b**h, that's what you suffer from
Homie am my father's child, your mother's son
I could cough up belong him, breath out the other one
I'm from best style for real, see where I'm coming from?
Another lane, stay out of my way, you f**ing lame
When it rains it pours, I clap back when thunder came
Never touch my chain my last name Mac, I talk then things
Named after my father, my sister got my mother name
David Burkle waits, I murder you b**h
I come to bang man
I f**ing blame like son of Sam that love his land
I'm blood thirsty open my mouth
See bloody face, sleep with one eye open
Met they man when he from the pain
At the end of the movie, when all lean is causing Cain
I wouldn't clap back like old dog
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Who run with Cainon the game
Ruffer got my first 20, Couldn't tell me sh**
I'm off and running 2K a day, could barely spell a G
Master with it, make a hustler
You wouldn't believe I hated drama
Oatmeal for 4 days straight, so this one is for ma mamma
Couldn't stand the CAT, first offence in 20 years
With no loyalty amongst my peers
No fear for the system, f** them, it's all wrong
So we bail into the nearest hit town, teenage outlaws
Me, Big Sweets, Butch and Slam, hit the interstate
Now we got them cowboys, we rise on our dinner plate
Suit out with dinators, territorial difference
Neighborhood dispute, can't pay me for life sentences
Living for the moment, rest in peace to those in graves
They demonstrate and quick talk me to watch my homies
My mamma said when they made me
They told her to break the mould
Them me I driving crazy, Bruce taught me
Make them say, haaah
My mother taught me to think before, ever making a move
If this is war, then you take your tomb boy
Don't ever play with these fools
Always ask for my lawyer, never leaving my witness
Everything on your sh** list, should be dismiss on your system
Always protect your sisters, never make murder senseless
Make sure you pay your tickets and keep the plug consistence
You ever get a visit for them b**hes be resistant
If you love the game as much as I do
Then keep your distance

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