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DJ Kay Slay - I Declare War lyrics

I declare war, own you s**er
n***as f** you all
Go get your ones up
Hey, go get your guns up

[Verse 1:]
Building destroyed is the mind-state
Can't at the clock, make the time Straight to 3:15
Then 12:30, whoever is hell worthy
Got the 9 clip, that I called sweet 16
One in the dome, in the zone like a twilight
Shoot good, slam hard, sports and the highlights
The G talking, you should know what he saying
You was making the movie, I'm the cinema playing in
Take a seat cause it's showtime
Now is your time, when you'd n***a that's swinging it
Wolves and gorillas and them villains in them high rise
Blue nines and Maroon 5, we the fly guys
Now everything the same over here king
Just more money, less friends, let's see what this year bring
Let's know what your n*ggas, they start tripping
Take the Bravo, long black clipping
Pull up on your block, straight a** whipping
I'm not sad soul shoot, I don't wanna meet you
I get money in three tours, I'm so boss coast through
Psychopathic thoughts, I put it in ink
I'm a genius, Harvard wanna know what I think
They call me Don Don, silverback, gorilla my soul
They say I'm hot now, guess it take a while to bloom
D-Block when we come through, give us some room n***a


[Verse 2:]
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A few k**ers, huh, a few getters
Big Furs in Pittsburgh, we're true stealers
Just serve a six birds to few dealers
Realer, who ella spread like Nutella
Martella, Marchello, sleeves grey
Saw a fish and next door neighbor
And three A for three K, I have a spark for three days
While I'm parked watching power play by D-Ray
Don't even ask about no boy, home with the money team
And I don't know Floyd, get your hate out
Next cla** the Rolls-Royce, No voice
Let the tray out, faster than dow boy


[Verse 3:]
Sent from heaven, God gave us
Mac 11s and 7s, Ferragamo footwear
Lion Heart's legends, Flicfair Kahuna's
Come through, get wild and pumas
Burning piles of dow, up inside the room is red
The paper is long, the ninja is stronger
Knock the wind out of you like bombs of enigma
Depending when n***as get drunk, f** the tremendous
I'm in the stairs with shares, n***a it's business
The pipeline is horrible, connects the mauders
The gun filled with bombs, the shells n***as is formers
All the money fly, dressed to k** My will
Keep you wanting milk from Dreas and Kai
Living off the land, living just like the lottery n***as
Only difference we pump h**n off the b**hes
Feeding teams, playing, sit back gleaming
What you wanna eat
Now he hanging from my choppa, hold his feet


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