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DJ Kay Slay - The Introduction lyrics

[Intro: DJ KaySlay]
DJ KaySlay! DJ Greg Street! The Champions! North Meets South!
I got this new female rapper I'm workin with right
And I respect all the other female rappers out there
But there's somethin about this chick right here
You know what I'm a let y'all see for yourselves
Yo Vein let's go!!!

[Verse 1: Vein]
Vein!!! About to turn it up a couple notches
Yeah! My team winnin and can't nothin stop us
Whoa! Everybody sittin back and watchin
n***a you 'gon hold your breath or hold your crotches
I'm hittin balls out the park cause I'm the truth
The empress the title but they call me Baby Ruth
I'm bout to, take over yo' city yo' hood
I'm a, represent like a real woman should
Anybody wanna see if I'm a come see how it was done
Don't anybody wanna hand around you could see how they run
Wanna talk sh** but you can't back it up
When you in the studio start actin up
When I see you in the street n***a don't say sh**
Pop yo'self homey hold yo' spit
You don't really wanna start no drama
Trust me I'm a be the one that solve it
Try go press yo' luck go 'head I'm waitin
You don't wanna see my aggrevated
I ain't got no time for no conversation fakin you hatin
Don't nobody wanna wife you n***as wanna wife me
Shorty wanna fight you and be just like me
I be from the V to the A represent all day
Where we like joke around but we just don't play
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[Bridge: DJ KaySlay]
Yeah that's what I'm talkin about!!!
Streetsweepers Entertainment!!! First Lady! Vein!!!
Yeah you know that sh** that run through your arms
That the blood pumps through your heart
Yo Vein, switch your style again

[Verse 2: Vein]
Yo! Yo I was born ready ain't nothin that anybody can tell me
My flow is heavy it's steady machete you wack like confete
You ready I'm clockin your Chevy ringtone in yo' celly
Your sick to your belly yo ain't no way you 'bout to stop me
Cause you the type of chick thatn***as wanna slut
And I'm the type of woman that a man wanna wife
Right, never get it twisted I could still mess your life up
Spittin that piff when I'm flowin in the cipha
I make the quickest decision
You sittin and wishin we switchin positions
You slingin and missin my woman's intuition
Got you b**hin, snitchin, we back and I diss 'em
We on a mission you gettin you slippin
Ain't 'gon leave you with a pot to piss in
Yeah, y'all the V-E-I-N
Try to stop the Streetsweepers n***as we 'gon win
The way I flip my flow I knew it gotta be a sin
Kayslay the Drama King ain't nobody messin with him

[Outro: DJ KaySlay]
Yeah you got that sh** right DJ KaySlay!!!
AKA Y'all know what it is already I ain't got to say!!!
Vein!!! Two thousand six Streetsweepers First Lady
We bought to bring the noise, ya heard

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