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DJ Kay Slay - 60 Second Assa**ins lyrics

[Intro: Kay Slay]
G-Force (what's up Slay?)
I need you to make a hit for me (talk to me)
Four suspects (who?)
Busta Rhymes, Layzie Bone (who else?)
Twista, Jaz-O (I got ya)
There they go, take the shot!
Take the shot! DAMN!

[Busta Rhymes]
When I come and I hop and I skip and I rhyme
And I dumb and I drop and I spit and I shine
Ay-ay-ay n***a what you really wanna do?
You ain't knowin that I'm comin to take what's mine
Every time I come to hit'cha
With a little bit of k**a
Better know that you can never-never
See me little n***a
While I'm at the TOP
I will never STOP
When a n***a POP
See the way I run it, and leave a n***a bitter
Y'all know when I do my thing and I bang
Bidi-boom with a bomb and a BING!
Everybody know that when it comes to the sh** I gotta spit
Motherf**er better crown me KING!
With a pa**ion and a lot of action
See the way ya grab 'em, HOW YOU DO IT!
Then they wanna ask him
How a n***a smash 'em
See the way ya have 'em, DRAG 'EM TO IT!
Now you gotta know what a n***a do all day
Count bread make a n***a wanna bounce heads when I drop heat in these streets, okay?
You sh**ty with a get'cha gimmick
And I hope a lot of n***as live near a clinic
It don't really matter who you wanna ask about me
Cause I be the fiercest with it
While I'm givin you the final chapter
With a lot of laughter
See the way I capture
Everybody probably tellin you the same sh** you don't really wanna come after!
Now I suggest you listen whenever you hear that the beat up in the buildin
Trust me, this is not the place for you to bring yo' children

[Layzie Bone]
The B-O-N-E we got plenty of flows;
From Cleveland, Ohio we rollin on vogues
They told me this record was only for pros
So Layzie gon' get in M.V.P. I suppose
Foes slammin them Cadillac do's
My story they caught has never been told
Sit back while I'm tellin this thuggish we blaze,
Forever I'm young and'll never get old
Poppin a bottle of Rosé when I rolls,
Smell the aroma, just follow your nose
We thug on the corner from night 'til the sun up
You run up get done up, I'll let it explode
Blow only where gangstas roll, so
Homie we smash around and we crash collide
Whoever don't wanna be foes, oh
O.G. status, still got money up under the mattress
n***a come get it I'll stick like cactus,
Money so tall those n***as need ladders
Try to come close but they never could match us
So catch us, we the masters
Y'all already know how we do it on the clearly
Never compare we livin' on stretchers
Willin to bet ya, when I twist and bust
n***a come through with Twist and Bust
n***a been famous they know how to aim it
They spittin my languange, "Adrenaline Rush"
Feminine n***as that been on a rush
Back to the dust we winnin the clutch
Just slipped through to spit some real thug sh**!

Now I be the coldest on the island, country or on the peninsula
[Lyrics from: https:/**a**ins.html]
Hit them with the venom and then I'mma
Disintegrate 'em or fade 'em, f** 'em cause I hate 'em,
I'm hot if you not check the temperature
Mayday one Kay Slay, drop the bomb on 'em when they put me on the track and I'mma
Show 'em who was out when I make 'em go and commit suicide dressed like a Phantom or
Do and I'm about to get dinner
I'm about to open the do'
Cause I'm dope with the flow
Never know how flow was the 'dro
I'mma eat a b**h up and I hope for some mo'
So long is the poem, I'm never a ho
You can go check the portfolio
Kay Slay 'em just after f** at you and then I'mma stick 'em, you know we can go
I'm cold so go get your coat
This be the season for n***as that's sneezin and snoozin
And if you keep testin me you gon' be catchin a beatin and bruisin - what's up?
Look at the mojo and look at the swag, and look at all the vernacular
Things I be doin cause I'mma stay infamous so they be callin me Dracula
Oops I mean Blackula when I'm attackin ya
Pullin up on 'em up in the new Acura
Or new pre-Camaro or new super Lego with the Pinot Grigio seats
I see when you n***as be hatin, so the next time when you see me don't speak
Now you know not to send me no beat
Cause I'mma k** it
And murder anybody That'll wanna get it
Where they wanna get up in it cause I be the realest
I'm a menace all the way up to the finish
Make an enemy diminish
When I get up in the battle even if it gotta be up on the block
2010 hip-hop, the sh** don't stop

[Layzie Bone]
Just slipped through to spit some real thug sh**!

What can it be?
Rappers and thuggin on beats
None of 'em keepin it street
Look at them calves, all of them wanna be bulls
None of 'em ready for beef
What about me?
Been through the pain
Sorted the lames, keep it the same
Sk**ful syllables k**
My rhymin technique is impeccable still
Anybody ever wanna run up
Will get done up in a hurry
Got a flurry
I'mma hunt 'em for the come up
With a bang you better run from the one until you permanently feel it
I will live it, idiots gettin it
"The Originator," gotta keep it greater
Keep the fader for the haters
n***a real for real
The all-time thriller, ready rockin the d**h of it definite
On it cookin and cheffin it (ooh!)
Takin over the world
Made of with your girl
Motherf**er recognize the n***a Hugh Heff'in it
Doin what you never did at double time, triple shot president
Ain't nobody better in the residence
Through the crops, it ain't stop
Over the top, bringin the soul makin it pop
Got a old school banger make you do the wop
Got a Louisville slugger make you diddy-bop
Ever incredible gotta keep it way ahead of you
Screamin at my n***as in the clink doin federal
No trip, no travesty
I call the lick now I'm up like anti-gravity
Spit words from the brain like charity
If hip-hop was a broad she'd marry me
Gotta keep it gutter, gotta get the bread, gotta get the butter
Make it hot, you can toast word to mother

[Layzie Bone]
Just slipped through to spit some real thug sh**!

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