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DJ Kay Slay - Bullet Proof lyrics

[Intro: DJ Kay Slay]
DK Kay Slay the drama king 2013
The year of the lyricists
Raekwon, sheek Louch, Styles P

[Verse 1: Raekwon]
We back again huh Slay?
Sh law the chef n***a, you know what it is n***a
Ayo, 18 karat pieces on the fleece and the coupe
I leans like the tower of Piza
Pa**in around the gold horn of Venitians
Sweet penthouse nine with superman pieces
Carhart tux, bulletproof the nuts
Sittin back in egg of the Range Rover tweetin
I'm goin Up, the bread isnt enough
Fire on you... day give you a cut
Bundles of red lightening caught in the hype
Everybody shootin my hood just gotta bike it,
Just bash your gun and fly
I'm on tala the most is gold my driver drive
Yeah they know me from my foul jury
Standing next to you ain't trial certain you hear me?
Yeah, shout out my delicates you can s** a dick
I guess this the mouse against the elephant

[Hook: Sample]

[Verse 2: Sheek Louch]
Ayo, Montega high yeah
I was in the heights all night gettin head is my allibi
My soul a tape
Gon and turn that floor that raw
b**h I get filthy cake
You average rat
I'm hit record Donny
Benjamins the whoopla coming and find me
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Yonkers native, whip it Sherman
I use your b**h mouth just to pump my s**m in (say ahhh)
Your 22 got no stop to it
Just like my other parent no pop to it
Rosay all night, my guap fluid
Diamonds, they love how I do it
He ain't got a thug bone in him
He probably on the low with a thug bone in him
Donny all original, no clone in em
I know it was you Fred clap em end it

[Hook: Sample]

[Verse 3: Styles P]
You's a could've, would've should've did
You ain't bulletproof you know what a bullet is
And you know how hood it is
n***as looking for coke
Wonder how good it is
n***as want them cheap grams
Got for shooter to let the he blam
You just wanna floss on the weekend
Now your knee deep in the deep end
Joc boys got your on the defense
They came through with an offense
Let the threes and the fours spin
It's like the sharks verse the dolphins
And you ain't no k**er whale
That's for dolphin that could k** a shark
If it's war get the coffins
Ya'll b**h n***as ain't got by heart

[Outro: DJ Kay Slay]
Grown man hip hop part 2
Sleeping with the enemy
The mixtape for the streets
Yeah I'm still here

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