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DJ Kay Slay - The Rush lyrics

[Intro: Lloyd Banks]
New York City stand up!!! The punchline kid is back!!!
Blue Heffner AKA Gang Green AKA New Diamonds AKA Lloyd Banks!!!
And I'm here with my motherf**in homey Kayslay The Drama King!!!
Gang Green season begins, now!!!
Nah, nah I don't do all that talkin man
It's, It's one way or the other
Your comin or your gonna watch another b**h leave with me
You know that's, the way the sh** go, heh heh
I'm a f**in rap star, heh heh

[Verse 1: Lloyd Banks]
Fresh off the plane I jets off in the range
First cla** seats but the sweats costin the same
The rap game will bring stress, fortune and fame
And slow drive by's like when they aired out Kane
I'm like a S55 little clear out chain
They body me they body you and they will be out prayin
My only wish to find you, catch you, lay yo' a** in a stretcher
Bet ya, get ya, a** out the hood
All I got is rap, for that, I spazz out for good
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That's my income, it keeps me in pads in Hollywood
I'm hardly home, when I leave the club the party gone
And I'm pissy of the Petrom tryin to get ma home
My name Banks baby, I'm top rank lady
I gotta go grab ya coat b**h you ain't crazy
I skeet off damn near rushin and bend her over somethin
And I'm pumpin, the volumes to the max and I'm frontin
All of a sudden she come down on the humble for a feel
And I'm driftin in alot of lanes fumblin the wheel
A couple of miles later I'll be comin on a grill
Then it's back to the hotel to chill, ma I give you the rush

[Chorus: Lloyd Banks]
Damn ma, your little outfit got my third head high, and I need you to understand
I ain't really got alot of time, b**h you out ya mind
It's me, damn love, don't you wanna get up out the handcuffs
I ain't 'gon love you like your man does
I ain't really got alot of time, b**h you out ya mind

[Outro: DJ KaySlay]
The Champions!!!

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