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DJ Kay Slay - Too Much for Me (Remix) lyrics

[Intro: Kay Slay]
Kay Slay, the Streetsweeper, Volume One
Yo Amerie, let's go baby!

[Chorus: Amerie]
Said it ain't too much for me
To have you next to me
I can't believe it all the things I did
To keep you loving me
And it's just too much for me
To not have you by my side
Cause no matter what you're going through
You know that I'm gon' ride, yea

[Verse One: Loon]
(C'mon, uh, talk to me, yeah, check it out)
You was a good girl, you did everything I told you
And all you wanted me to do was hold you
And all you wanted me to do was mould you
You want to see the street life and I showed you
Right from wrong, went from sippin' white to Don
n***a had you lookin' right in thongs
b**hes mad cuz I iced your arm, copped the coup
Them hoes tried to stop the loot, you ? the suit
Now can't stand hot persuit, so a n***a gotta do what he got to do
You ain't gotta involved, got a spot for you to lay low
But still you insist on baggin' up yayo
Cleanin' my gun, said it better than sea and the sun
Layin' on sand - you'd rather play the role of a man
Like when dude put the hole in my van
You grabbed the gun, damn near put a hole in your hand
That wasn't the plan...

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[Verse Two: Foxy Brown]
(Uh ohhh!) BK, I throw it up, feet stay, Manoloed up
Cris air canary yellow, these n***as hear me
Lou Vuitton, Lou Vuitton
Bring Fever cocks**er when Foxy throw it on
I, speak how I feel I'm a Fox 5 General
Y'all rap b**hes is oh so subliminal
That's why I ones 'em everytime I pa** 'em
Frontin' wit Young G the Fox 5 captain
So which hoe wanna f** wit hun
So come, we dun ta p**y dem one by one, whoa
Now make me bust off my big Magnum
Spray off in the lobby, call us the Shower Posse
The don ga gun, come through stylin' hard
With two goons from the Sherlock Squadron
It be a bashment, Fox dun sparrin'
Y'all leave them n***as on the sideline starvin'


[Bridge: Amerie]
I-I-I wanna get to know you
I-I-I want you with me
I-I-I just want to show you
You belong to me
I-I-I gotta get to know you
I-I-I have you with me
I-I-I just want to show you
You belong to me


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