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DJ Kay Slay - Till They k** Me lyrics

Shooter, wink we got another one man
(Verse 1;Shooter)
Patched in deep never went halfway with nothing because that meant weak
Packin heat f** starvin i'm robbin, no mask cause that meant G
Organised post on the corner with the toast
Never let a n***a creep me i swore it over in oath, talked it over coach
No talking to folks under no circumstance whether against friends or folks
Principles a man with integrity, bury me with my genitals (why?)
Coz balls and my word is all i have here
Imma die young is what my die, imma live hard is what mommy know
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Till my spirit free and my body cold, got a lobby flow
Talking crack in the building so will i make a k**ing? probly so
Just don't tell the feds that i made the plan
Fust dont let none of my homies take a stand
And dont let none of my n***as take a fall
I'l take a way before they take us all
Thats how you feel if you're a real G
Life behind a wall under pill 3
Against the odds i'm built B
Steady mobbin' shootin' till they k** me

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