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DJ Kay Slay - The Real lyrics

You're so materialistic and faker than anybody I've ever
Made the choice to open up to and be real with
Who am I, I bet you'd like to know, ain't mean for you to like pa** out
Let me revive your soul, I ain't used to getting attention
I'm used to being doubted, forgot about
And I always played in the game but my name was just never shouted
I still kept it 100 no matter how it got, … got nothing but love
For that gorgeous woman that raised me
Put a bullet in my head, erase me from existence
Or do nothing, and I'll t bag your position
Got my street pa** and ambition, why teach a cla** and can't listen
Yeah you talk hard, but you not dog, and I see that
You may quit it, hey yo
What's up with the children that haven't seen the light of day yet
Kept in the dark by Joseph, you afraid yet?
You should be, knowing that the world wants you to only breathe
The air you gave, the remi, she was only 3
I don't believe it, honestly, I feel guilty after complaining about my life
We see it all in HD, they don't even get highlights
This is the real, turn it up
Peep my intuition, keep powers consistent
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Dice are rolled
Lies are told
Don't walk with you bible closed
Cause sun won't shine through your window
Girl unless your blinds unfold, they told me it's time to go
I told em it's time to get it, I suited up in my gq
Tell em it's time for bindess and I'm on
Toast to that, toast to being right where that money fall
Her name was shining e, close to let me…
Dc, pg, Carolina take care mama, we high cla**, no marijuana
Don't lie to me cause I heard a lot of that nonsense

We over here tryna keep it real
They say "Rodney Jerkins is only a pop rnb producer
Young primo, he straight hip hop
And there's no way he'll ever be successful"
You know what, that is what I consider a false allegation
See I'd rather be in my shoes than to be in yours
And that's the real, I do this man
Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang

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