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DJ Kay Slay - Raised With Them Gangstaz lyrics

[Hook: Razah]
I was raised with them gangstaz
In the streets where nothing's promise man
People only would respect you when your crazy
And slay you a wild child
And we rep them streets can you hear me
My people gonna talk to you see man

[Verse 1: Styles P]
I'd go to hell if my n***as was dead
Drinking liquor blowing L's like I'm living in there
Matter fact y'all food, I'm the dinner wear
And I can't go to heaven I'll be sinning in there
Listen up I keep two guns on my hips
Got a few hundred pounds moving on my strip
n***as leave off the block when I'm on my sh**
Got my hands in my pants and they ain't on my dick
f** it n***a, keep these guns on safety for what
I'm from a place where faces get cut
n***as is taping you up
They gonna bring you to a place in the cut
It's real dirty then some 730 n***as start breaking you up
I wear a mask like it's a masquerade
Cause I got beef with n***as like me that will blast away
Listen dog, I'm tryna last today
So I can see tomorrow, I'm grabbing these hallows to mash away

[Verse 2: McGruff]
Kay Slay gave me a call say: "Gruff I got a spot for ya"
"No doubt Slay I'm about to make it hot for ya"
These ain't not thugs they puss
Stop fronting like you hard before your mug get pushed
Blood gon' gush
f** up my cheese doodles stain my pelle pelle
That 40 cal. turn his six pack belly jelly
I hit a n***a how he suppose to get hit
I walk up and hit him close
This big sh** I tote fo' sho' gon' get him ghost
Fo' sho' it's no post lord these bullets do know the outcome
You know I ain't no pulling through
It's a rap, rennels
Let me see you talk that same sh** when them caps in you
Cock-s**er, you punk muhf**ers bring the noise
The bigger the crowd, the bigger the funeral yea bring your boys
The sh** I talk believe I could back it
Ain't nothing sweet got that heat underneath the jacket (faggot)

[Hook: Razah]
People only respect you when your crazy
And slay you a wild child
And we rep them streets can you hear me
My peoples gonna talk to you see man

[Verse 3: Jadakiss]
Yo since they say life's a gamble, well f** it I got bank I'm on the subway tonguing my lawyer I'm like frankin
You being a thug wrong
If we was in the bullpen I have you standing up on the toilet singing love songs
When you go to bust a n***a
Always remember never trust a n***a
And don't forget to put your gloves on
n***as better hold whatever they making
It's getting cold and the weather is breaking
Sales is dropping. 10 p.m. cells is locking
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Drama hour on D-Block the jail is rocking
Real life family, we ain't gang members, but we still bang n***as
And we keep them things with us
We both got the 7, but yours is the 45, mines is the 60
The color of rice crispy (yeah)
So go head with your new born rap
n***a you puss like a new born cat

[Verse 4: Papoose]
Yea Papoose whipping your head boy with the verbal
You n***as got rats in your family like a gerbil
You ever turn your back on me, I gotta merk you
I hit you in your back like I was tryna burp you
I go at the track different ways, I'm universal
Papoose stay under the track like myrtle
Violate you like your P.O. you pa** curfew
n***as move slow with the shells just like a turtle
I'm robbing n***as who sell weight
So on the first you
n***as better tuck in your weight just like a girdle
But lately rappers been afraid to face me
Real n***as embrace me
Don't even talk about gang banging, my homies throw them B's up crazy
So on the streets I keep the B with me like Jay-Z
When I pull out the mag you be scared stiff
You a snitch, I keep a magnum on me like my dick

[Verse 5: Sheek Louch]
Who could believe Sheek would have a label up his sleeves
Y'all can't breathe
Your boy Louch a headache pa** the aleve
I reinvented myself, I change with time
Threw a C.E.O. hat on, stepped up my rhyme
It's time for this n***a to shine
It's been the same pattern here for a minute, I'mma change the design
Nothing change you still walk with me
Don't get a fresh buck 50
The hammer still tuck to my dickie
Still f**ing with these b**hes, the weed is sticky
Still with the same n***as everyday the God is picky
And even though I ain't go plat yet
Sheek got the hood upside down like a hot wheel track set
I spit like I been here
Holla at me, you would think I was your father
Minus the great chin hair
Rich na, but I'll holla back when I get there b**h

[Verse 6: Black Rob]
Open your eyes fam this a new chapter
Who the f** you think you kidding y'all know what I came after
I'm not your average rapper
I'm a n***a holding 4, the homie the people gon' stand in back of
In battle mode cause the boys in blue
Boys and your crew, motherf**ers poisoning you
Now I can as far back camp can
Before the crack, before New York took the first blast
I was, in the one room joint clay ave
Off of webster hit past coke and weschester
Me and nom took our rhymes and left dexter
Hit the streets up none of the loyalty never left us
Took your dust up, holla at slay nig wa**up
Old folks up in the hood still trust us
Salmy Wilson you playing for real flip the manual
Bank saw them and b I can't wait for the tenth annual

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