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DJ Kay Slay - Keep Calm lyrics

[Hook: Rico Love]
All that flexin you've been doin ain't gon get yo a** a check
It's DJ Kay Slay, the drama king!
All that frontin you've been doin ain't gon earn you no respect
Money can't buy you respect!
Turn the lights on!
Pillow talkin with them hoes, you ain't even havin s**
So keep calm
‘Cause all that loud sh** only show them real n***as you don't really want it
So keep calm and get money

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
30 block, 30 rounds, AK, 100+
Better know it's going down n***a think twice before runnin up
That old school my time machine
Hypnotize Minds with that dynasty
I've been a hustler, I take the work and I beat the block like Rodney King
Back in the day I was in the streets
And the trippy life was just a dream
I was grinding hard, selling everything
My trap was jumping like bed springs
Water whippin in that hoe's house
Took in a bird, let's throw it down
I got that work 24/7
n***a my shop don't close down (Mafia!)
I be hustling til the sun come up (Mafia!)
No handouts for none of us
These rap n***as ain't no dope boys, they just put it in they rhymes
Listen close to Juicy J, you might find out how to grind (Mafia!)


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[Verse 2: Jadakiss]
b**h I'm bout that, you ain't gotta doubt that
All you gotta do is put yo money where yo mouth at
One of us gon leave today
He gon die either way
I'm push ya wig back, first take, Stephen A
I fall where they need to be
More than they need be yet
Gonna call the competition, these n***as is in the way
Who you know that's been this nice, longer than this
That's ‘cause I'm cut from a cloth that no longer exist
Different life style, red top, white thous
When I got the bank it was hard to put the knife down
All black life, kitchen cook, crack life
I don't really know what yall bout, I'm bout that life


[Verse 3: 2 Chainz]
I'm going in, I don't need a pen
Every time I sip my cup it cost me like 10
Hundred dollar swisha, take yo girl faster than Twista
Only come by god is when I'm lookin in the mirror
Red eyes, I devised a plan from hand to hand
I'm so fresh, I am like a walking mannequin
Right, got em lookin hella pants
I can traffic coco by the ambulance
One for me, I run the streets
Pockets on beams, my b**h petite
Talk is cheap but I won't buy it
Got some good p**y, I'm gon try it


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