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DJ Kay Slay - Hitmen For Hire lyrics

[Verse 1: Joell Ortiz]
Hitman for hire, no escape, chill with all the big plans mcgyver
You diving into quick sand when I will
Lean on you with this heat like a tick stand on fire
Save your hocus pocus no I don't believe in magic
Boy I believe that this ratchet is filled to the tip with talent
When you disappear, got nothing to do with talent
I wave at your top hat, watch you hop around like a rabbit
Voila, yawda, calabunga with shells, treat you like little splinters
Don't f** around with joell
My burrow start with a b, finish up with a end
And I'll always more be in, every project that I be in
Ask the Spanish housing work cause they'll tell you see that bien
When I clean up in the morning, who be in the lobby hin
Even in the trap I'm the king of the boom bap
I snap you get the beats, like I'm producing the tracks
Wanna beef on the record, I finish your a** on the wax
Wanna beef off the record, your a** still getting waxed
And I could talk sh**, cause your lip will be all split
While your nose is a faucet, and I'm watching it all drip

[Verse 2: Fred The Godson]
In case they wailing, I'ma pop it
Guns is Jason Collins coming out the closet
It's logic, I'm working on this project
And I got work up in the projects
Yeah, so it's a pioneer, so I'ma pioneer
Getting stereo types, sony, pioneer
I'm 2 up, I come around flossin
Girls said I blew up, south town boston
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They tell rappers fred knives stay away
I spit till I'm taped up, lay away
Infrared stay away
Miami could be playing in New York
Couldn't make me put the ray away
Life sk**, we could battle
… got a light bill on a barrel
I'm involved in mobbin, don't trust it
Your girl is a bird, I'll abduct her
The way I handle, I should be playing it …
Look like you need arrest, go and cuff her

[Verse 3: Raekwon]
Champagne k**ers, everything I wear
n***as bought the same thing k**ing
Yeah, the movies are more slicker
Lifestyle richer
Rats be in the chair, yellin yeah he'll hit you up
I'm known to ruin a wake, but still an old ruin to take
You get it, holding mob style me
And sleeping at niemens
Email, send me a seamen
b**hes, can't stop winning it's fake
Keep it moving…shoot off, shoot horse, carry my plate
Cause when it's realer, she weight, gun cock ready to bait
I love em, hug em, get the best of these traits
Rich n***as never get just, that's why they want him away
When everything's closer, it's straight
Back to getting money, back in the bay
Back and I'm slay

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