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DJ Kay Slay - Freestyle 50 Bars lyrics

[Verse 1: Gunplay]
Fifty bars..
Been about mine
Got fiends on cloud nine
Living Legend droppin', 'bout time
I'm a baller, still sniffin' foul lines
Impala, four-twelve's, Alpine
Skinny poppa get popped, chalked outline
Gunplay a player, but I don't play
Only broke n***as say "crime don't pay"
Off the handle I be flyin' off
Rap artist with his iron drawn
I'm the thorn in the Lion paw
Roll dice, hot hand with the firearm
Swervin' till the tire bald
Left [?], pullin' up to Riviera
Wet j**els, lookin' like a million-aira
Get a panoramic view of the Panamera
Get up close, n***a, bring the camera nearer
Cat piss smoker, dog food dumper
Half a mill off four tires and two bumpers
Camo, Rambo, Lambo, four mufflers
Body after body, till the damn folks cuff us
Can't make truces, can't cop deuces
War-ready already, y'all a** useless
A-K-Slay, take no break
Left crime scene clean, ain't no tape
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Never save a b**h, ain't no cake
Shoe-box money, ain't no safe
Salute B-X Bloods, cash filled Crips
Even in the rain, my cash still crisp
Slidin' through Queens, left Rack City
Always was a little dirty bloodclot, pick me
I don't talk what I don't walk
I don't speak what I don't be
Won't slang less than a O-Z
In the trap, sweatin' like six cluckers
Y'all n***as sweet, swimmin' in Smuckers
f** you mean? f** what the f** you've seen
I fought nine n***as, dolo, for my team
Still couldn't harm me, warrant armed robbery
Try to throw the book at a crook, no library
One n***a, forty-eight state crime spree
Life-sentence beater, Benz two seater
Burnin' up old beef with new heaters
A-M-G rider, oak-wheel gripper
Coke, cut, water, microwave whipper
Probation violator, p**y annihilator
Leave you two options: die now or later
Too mean for lame-stream
Two keys on the same beam
I could count money, n***a, so f** if I can't read
We ain't nothin' like the same breed
Get smoked like fifty 'gars with these fifty bars..

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