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DJ Kapital - Yonkers II lyrics

Uh, sounds, dangerous, neo, gen

Listen up im in comatose
What the f**, why I am, b**h no one knows
Kiss the curb, like a b**h that's out past curfue
Street lights on, but you couldn't let me hurt you
So what, follow you like a f**ing predator
Cause I am
k** the man, b**h don't k** the messenger
But im both, now you know that it's a f**in paradox
Leavin carpets redder than the head of f**in carrot top
b**h you know that im goin vicous, no where near malicious when I say your cunts delicious
Leavin p**n stars dickless so im on all hitlists ayo aiden don't miss this

Uh, sounds, dangerous, neo, gen
Uh, sounds, dangerous, neo, gen

Let the message be addressed its not that hard to start guessin that the truth behind the lesson is that
Adolescene mixed with epinefrin, is a hazard to your health aggressive in the session and
Im not a retard but retards try to card me, are we, this young you really think id leave you barking
So I can get inside the strip club, and cause escarpments, all the while im keepin the bodies in my apartment
I smoke a pound of blue dream, laughed until I cried, know what punchline means
I know im not an honor teen, but I know that im smart but I just wanna party
So f** you! Mom ill burn your house down
Wipe that smile off until I make it into a frown
Listen up b**h you think im playing around?
Grab my gun and get on the ground
Im a victim of xanex, pop a couple take a test and ace it where the f**s my band at, screamin at the mic I can't just understand that, the reason no ones cheering is im singing to my aunts cats
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So wheres my valium at, grab a bottle, crack it
Never mind the fact that im mixin liquor like I blend a**a**ins
k** the target miss the marker mark it at the super market

Uh, sounds, dangerous, neo, gen
Uh, sounds dangerous, neo, gen
God damn demon

They said to lead the horse to the water
Never said it wouldn't drink but I don't have time to barter
With a horse that can't even speak
I shot it in the head and got ahead of my demon peak
I know you faggots can't hear me, but im screamin at you
Listen up faggots, im not sad but getting mad you
Need to shut up and hear me out
Your quick to judge but don't know what the f** im about
So f** the media attention, I just want to know if id get and honored mention
Mention me, im k**in yall so go cash in your pension
Im nothing more than you make me that's my depression
I am
More than a god damn atheist
I am
More than what those faggots say he is
I am
Anything you think of maybe its
Who I am
A god damn demon

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