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DJ Kapital - Therapy Session (Who Shot Ya? Remix) lyrics

[Verse One: NeoGEN]
Ain't no need to run and hide
Until I'm up alert and high enough to think I can fly
Think I can't die
Line 'em up and knock em down you can't rely
"Survivors are shot again"- That's what I live by
Im a disease, It's like conduction
The smoke has to touch my f**in' lips to function
They think they're better f** them, America runs on Dunkin?
Man f** that they run from me
I k**ed Chuckie and made his girl my bride-to-be in sodomy
You'll understand my defiance I got blasphemy down to a f**in' science
Without compliance I'm lyin' relyin' on reliances are dyin' out of force of hab-it
When something is out of reach I get someone to grab it
Homo-sapian? You're a Homo crazy kid
In the words of Tyler listen crazy kid
"Cats on everything, cats on everything"
Building from the bottom I'm somewhat of a hoarder
I keep the trash in my life and lay it as brick and mortar
Im a soldier- No I'm a fighter
Cut out half the calender and pulled an all-nighter
This anesthetic's pathetic, but then again so am I
In the back of an ambulance having to rely
On tubes inside my arms sh** did I OD?
Im not going back to rehab if it f**in' k**s me! (NEVER)
f** the doctors sittin' up on their high horse so
Go f** yourself and listen to Miley Cyrus in morse code
"OF for life" but life is short
Nothing lasts forever, my story is short
Raggety Anne and Faggoty Andy, watch Billy and Mandy, give me a handy
I've got no job with what the f** I'm saying-
I think I'm goin' insane!
No calamity for amputees with fully-limbed dreampt fantasies
I'm a phantom see? you're never gonna catch me
I'm always two steps ahead, there's no way you can snatch me, or grab me
I'm on my primal instinct
You're praisin' me and I'm probably worse than 'NSync

[Hook: Kapital]
Don't listen to the bullsh**, keep moving forward
Life life to the fullest, to finally get it over
Always leave 'em speechless, with your own words
You'll never reach it if they hate to flip the folder (x2)
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(NeoGEN: OK I'm goin' back in)

[Verse Two:NeoGEN]
Hey ma look at me! (Hey ma!)
Are you proud or stuck in vanity?
f** you and your f**in' husband
You can't tell me nothing I'm my own persona
Putting a verse on a
Scrap of paper every chance I get
You think you're better than me but you haven't pa**ed me yet
I'm a three man army! Me, myself and I in a human body
I'm the illness- Oh sh**! I mean the sickness
Lyrically contagious metaphorically outrageous
Irrelevant when selling sh**, time's slippin' away
So tip it and say-

Okay that's about it

[Outro: NeoGEN and Kapital]

Yeah my life's not much of a story... I'm much more of an open book

(What do you mean by that exactly?)

Well people take one look at me and then think that they know me completley

(Well, uhh, how exactly do you wanna change that? Like what are you gonna do about it?)

Well that's not gonna happen anymore, I'm gonna change myself, my style, and change everything about myself so I can finally be myself

(So, uhh, how are you gonna change it? Just, try to ventilate it all)

I might not be the coolest, I might not be the best at flowing, I might not be the best at anything I ever do. All I know is that one day I will find myself and what I can finally do. There's nothing more to life, than to keep moving forward. To shut my eyes and realize that one day this all won't matter anymore

(That's very understandable son)


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