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DJ Kapital - She Will (Freestyle) lyrics

[Vere 1: NeoGEN]
Hop on the track like im usain
n***a im a dude prayin
High off that butane
Too poor for true jane
Reggie in the chillum pack
Hit the bars and let them stack
Been gone for six months wasting time b**hes now im back
Too old for toys in my stocking but im still a kid at heart
Ask me why my late start
Started in a trailer park
Watchin nana's slowing heart
Go from slow to slow and park
Flatline like monotone
Still dont got a telephone
On my own
Big city little kid becoming grown
Learning from the past, gonna make sure my futures known
By you and him to him and her
And anybody similair
Im k**ing for
A chance to make myself a pillar in a universe
Never changing catching critics
Tryna say that neo isnt
What he says he is, but they dont know that neo didn't
Write for them he wrote for himself
Project bench been sitting on him while his musics on the f**in shelf
Collecting dust like neos head
Before you know it neo's dead
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Been gone too long
No right or wrong
Can direct him on the journey that hes on and it goes like-
Im back in the game and im better than ever
Wavering never ill never say never if anything ever devolps that makes me dismember my mental ill try to be stronger cause you would be wronger to say that i fell to my d**h from above yah but nothing will stop me you lifted and dropped me im back on my feet as the time would alot me so
Never waste time live like your dying
Dont live in the past, live relying
On the fact that time pa**es like a child crying
Turning to a man with a family looking to him why its
So simple but so hard
Is a mystery so harsh
Our lives end up so scarred
Like collision is so dark
And eminent upon us but the paths that i show are
So far from easy so you sacrifice everything
Your soul ain't sold to hades, you haven't lost everything
Stacked up against you to push you to let me bring
The demon from inside that is pushing to let me sing
How all you ever did
Was eye in the pyramid
Destruction was eminent
Im sick of the sentiments
So let me glorify
Myself to amplify
My thoughts in what i write
Now you can realize
How the f** i got to where im at now
To its why the f** im feeling so sad how
Ive grown into a better f**ing man now
You sit there listening to what i preach

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