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DJ Kapital - Renegade Remix (Solo Version) lyrics


[Verse One:]
Neo Genesis, "new beginnings" Im clocking out
f**ing everything I can up and then I dip and I bounce
Never plastic always paper like I stole that route
Sixty six additional six hundred what I'm talking bout?
Thought it out, wrote it down, lost and found
Never found me out, Paquioa
Rest in piece, Im in pieces b**h, your lease is up
Got your b**h fired up, go and leash it up!
Take the Glock, fire, supernova cavalcade
Motherf**er you can't stop me, Im a f**ing renegade!
Too ludicrous to loop this sh** I rap until I tire
Ignite the flow and I spark this sh** I guess that's why Im fired
So admired and tired of always being required to be in choir these wires have got me fired up
Slashing up tires until Im tired and the cops show
Dodging bullets cause Im Neo Im going slow-mo, homo
You can't show me how to flow, go to another beau- blow him
Show him how you think you can show me up b**h
I never really died I resurrected myself Im omnipotent potently Im Thor to your Odin
Grab the hammer lightning strikes, striking like Im Tyson Mike, bite your f**ing ear off
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Youll look like those dikes you like
Major or minor, try to define your style b**h
Im a newish mother f**er I dont care if Im stylish

Im a renegade! Never been afraid to say whats on my mind at any given time of day cause
Im a renegade! Never been afraid to Talk about anything (anything?)
Anything ( anything!)
Renegade! Never been afraid to say whats on my mind at any given time of day yo
Im a renegade- Never been afraid to holler about anything (anything?)
Anything (Anything!)

[Verse Two:]
I never give opportunities I take them, you know I never fake them, make them, or break them I shake them up
Playing boggle, I'm boggling your mind, defining what I find, relying when Im lying in the finding in your mind and Im dying
Never busting its not a plea that Im popping
Hexagon, rojo stopping in the fork of the road Im mocking
Im decisive when I play this sh**
Music is my main mission
Equalities my main vision
Listen b**h-
Kapital my homie you throw me
So heres a little something back- youre the only one that knows me
Dont get me wrong man I wanna hear you back
I always got some space for you In all of my tracks like...
(Give it up for my homie...)

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