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DJ Kapital - Rap King lyrics

Im beginning to feel like a rap king rap king
If you disagree b**h im not acting its rapping
Bringing down the flow that f**in fags bring fags bring
People want a piece so the keep askin

But now you wanna go like I f**ed with your crew, now I know you gonna get knocked out
Like the fighting parents that I blocked out, when I hid inside a little box house
Now im sockin you in the jaw bone, until you can admit that im f**in awesome
When I write all the bits come now you want some, when I show you the meaning of pure destruction
A new idea yeah sure I got some, I got yall b**hes up in lockdown
As I move into the flat in the back of a rack shack on attack when I grab a bat rat rat rata tat tat
In the back of a black fag when I shag back when I stab at a couple fat pissin match rats
As I nag naggety nag to the nag nag like a gnat at a couple packs of the bad fad
With a tad of some dad stabs when I rap give the mag back im back and im mad at you fag!
Only connected to Kinex to show you im a smarter than the average teen
How could I not rap, all I do write sly rhymes, if you know what I mean
Theres no “I” In team, but hey, there's an “m” and an “e”
That's me will you see that I mean what I gleam when I scream that

Im beginning to feel like a rap king rap king
Stop doubting I can tell it when your asking, asking
You think youll get a rise cause im reacting, acting
Im nothing more than you make me its saddening
So now your going underground you ask what that means?

It means down to the earth since, you have no common f**in sense
Its enough to make my spine cringe when you think you can try and binge
On my rap its more than, rap it's a f**in language
Im more than you can, comprehend it's a sin
When I tell you that im godlike so I guess ill settle royatly
Cause im the new recruiter, so im gonna shoot ya
Lookin like just stepped outa the future
With my newer music, it's a newish fusion
With my past my present and my future
Cause im the newish new cure, and if you got a problem lets hear it I gotta get a new one
So I gotta new gun to use when I confuse yall cause you have no reason to record or even suit up
I know my rhymes, don't make sense to some people at sometimes
But metaphors and punchlines, are stacked up you just can't find
That one line, that I said my first tape where I said im
A human three man army that consists of me myself and i
When I combine, my unsigned, little a** with these lyrics of mine
For fun im, just done im, not main another ep fine
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So once im, finished recording my refined, cd im
Done for a while so now lets see if I can't rhyme
So listen up and quit your talkin, im barkin lets see your walkin
Your mouth is dry youre choking like youre f**in eatin chalk and
Im nodding, I wanna see your concoction
Emotion is the f**in potion lets see If you forgot that

That Im beginning to feel like a rap king, rap king
Hiding all the evil that my tasks bring, tasks bring
Trying not turn yall into ashing, ashing
Wonder why im staying asking
Why the f** I got to go through the process of tasking and

A reason to release singles, and still crush yall like pringles
Its makin my peepee tingle, every time I mingle
With the idea of being single, f** being single
But my girl will dump me yes she will yes I know she will
Im still a pot junky, im getting funky
Im full of myself, but im still hungry
Now its time say f** me, well ill say it back
So im here now tongue and cheek f** you
When you think that I won't make you broke don't gather up your hope I made Oscar mad
I shouldnta I know I guess that you could just say im bad
Aiden? f** that fag, now my hearts racin drag
Come one ap man, I waiting for your threat to happen!
Im not nothing im neo, I makin sh** all real, turn the tables f** wheels, I never sample feels
I like to remix and be a, real mc see yo, little hopes spark a flame, when I tell you the deal
Im not
Rappin fast little fag think im mad then your bad if you lag at the pad that I maxed on and sagged all the pants that I have im a chink, not a fag, if you try to understand youll stand under me, you can't
Reach all the places, ive been or win all the races
I win, or beseech all the faces
Im in, now your peed at the cases
Ive been
Stirring up when the pissing cup f**ed you up cause it popped like a microwaved pudding cup so youre not putting up with the cunts im good and f**ed cause now you try to give a f**
I got yall b**hes singing along your ears are ringing
Don't stop thinking, everything that im clinging on
And if you don't, just waste time and f**in stop to think
If em's the god, and earls jesus
I guess that makes me the king

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