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DirtyHunnitB.O.N - Whatever lyrics

Step out in Maison Margiela
I got the groove like I'm Stella
If I want top Ima tell her
Choppa can sing acapella
Whip up a brick and then (?)
Whip up a brick and then (?)
Only sell green and vanilla
Only sell green and vanilla

[Verse 1]
Run with the work like a running back
Smokin' on purp that's a heart attack
Clap at yo head like a jumping jack
Now you hunched over like piggyback
Heard you got work n***a gimme dat
f**ing a (?)
Pockets on Trump ain't no democrat
Keep me a hammer like lumberjack
You only G on the internet
Pick up yo b**h and I get her wet
f** every b**h in the alphabet
Gimme the V for Vendetta
Rob a n***a for the cheddar
Heart to cold for a sweater
Trappin' I jugg with the fellas
Remember the judge writing letters
Keep it Omerta forever
Got me a baby she chocolate
She a young thug, no Barter 6
Bag up an ounce and I profit it
Cut on the scale that's a 38
Ima rob you with a 38
DirtyHunnit we can't take a break
All you can eat, need another plate
I guess I'm the flu cause I make them sick
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I diss on whoever ain't gotta pick
Most of these rappers be Counterfeit
Nowadays I want a lot of sh**
Money and d**, extention clips
A b**h from the hood that can cook a brick

Free Rock that's my shooter
Free Q that's my shooter
Free Bake that's my shooter

[Verse 2]
Keep me a Glock or a ruger
"B.O.N. Did It" the rumor
Two Holes in his head like a tumor
I run to the money like puma
Yeah, Whatever
These n***as will fold under pressure
I f** her and give her the pleasure
I bust me a nutty but no professor
Still totin' a 40 with no supressor
I'm wit it, I'm wit it
You can get shot if you bluff
Young n***a be selling that huff
Them ounces of pack ain't enough
I only trust sh** if it's sticky
Come get the 3-5 for the 50
Or meet the G-30 from Kiddy
Might go Bernie with the Mac
Might go war him for the sack
Run and get a n***a sack
That's another quarter pack
Now he want his quarter back
I like to run off on plugs
I like to shoot it and d**
I got it out of the mud
Pull up and hop out the huh

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