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DirtyHunnitB.O.N - Ball lyrics

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(Verse)-Baby Just Wanna Go Ball,f** Up Commas Hit The Mall ,pop A Molly Lock Her Jaws,Get Her Wet Through Her Draws,Benny Told Me Get The Cash,Do 150 On The Dash,Trynna Judge Me By My Past,Like My b**hes A Ass, Play With The Water Like Seals,Told My Momma Need A Mill, Always Keep It On Me Still,Burn A n***a Like A Grill,f** A Uber And A Cab, Skrtt off on em and i laugh,Leaning Looking Like A Dab, Told Her Let Me Grab Her Ass,Play With The Pot With No Eyes, In the Kitchen Cooking Pies,Dirty Hunnit We The Guys,Wrap A n***a Like a Prize,Harden Dripping Need A Fan,Rock Out On Them Like A Band,Get A Million That's The plan,Free My n***as In The Jam,All i Wanna Do Is Jugg, Rob A n***a And The Plug,Never Show A n***a Love,Got to Get It Out The Mud, DirtyHunnit Turn Up Every Party,Feel Like Og Bobby ,When im Off The Molly, Feel Like Danny Glover With This Lethal Weapon,Feel Like Durk And Thugga When GIUSEPPE Stepping, Feel Like Gucci In His Prime, Started Cranking Off OF Dimes,Say He Real But He Lying,Smoking Dope And Sipping Wine ,Gotta Get On My Grind,p**y n***as Out Of Line,Trynna Steal A n***a Shine, Sol That Off Him Like its Pine, Whip Another Baby Got to Make A Hustle,Got to Let It Burn But Ain't Talking Usher, Feel Like Rayful Edmond Making Inna Beamer, Then I Got A Felon f** A misdemeanor, Everybody Love You When The Gra** Is Greener,Had to Show These n***as I Dont Really Need Them, You Ain't Got to help Me Cause Hawu The Label,Told My Bro When I Make it Imma Take You,Threw 200 Inna Stash ,Pop A n***a Like A Tag, Told Her Hop Up Inna Jag ,Whip It Out Make Her Gag ,Now Her BabyDaddy Mad,Say She Love Me And its Sad,Im To Busy Counting Cash,Putting Dope Up Inna Bag , Smoking Dope Up Out Of Jars ,My b**h A Brat I Call Her Farve ,Buy My Mother Foriegn Cars Wi-Fi in Me I Got Bars,Romo On Me Im A Star,SouthEast n***a Make Me Barr,Beef With Me Is Kind Of Hard,Cut Them Snakes Up Out Your Yard,Esco Sell it By The Gram,Bud And Oso Going Ham ,Check a n***a Like Scam,Check in n***a Like A Jail ,Bang A n***a Like A Nail,n***as Claiming That You Real, Caught A Body Then You Tell Switch That G Into A L

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