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Dirty Danger - Fire in the Booth lyrics

[Instrumental 1: "Yay Yay" by ScHoolboy Q]
They say everything happens for a reason
I'm afraid that ain't a good enough reason
Therefore I ain't ever tryna reason
It could be the final match or pre-season
I'm ruthless with it, we fight first
See no limits, I'm diverse
We're E third but we come first
If you're worst behaviour I'm much worse
It's funny how everybody doubted
Like we weren't the ones who opened doors
I'm back, new campaign started
I'm not sharing mine but I'm taking yours
E3, Bow, we're proudly shouting
Defied any claim I'm due to out it
Even gonna do something about it?
If not then don't ask about it
[?] you ain't really bout it
You man dress in the loudest outfits
We move in silence, silent
With a code, no need to shout it
Spending your money on that chick
When round here she ain't nothing but a side chick
Yo, don't go abroad tryna act rich
Keep it real to yourself, that's it
I'm like real too, who you think you're talking to?
It can't be my girl you're talking to
Like it wasn't my boy who walked you through
My table here you're walking to
Cheeky guy but I'm far from rude
Put men to the test, I will show and prove
That's when the ghost from the karma's due
[?], shortest fuse
Slyly sending, they wanna call out
We could put some money on it, we can really ball out
Nothing to prove, a lot to lose
And trust me, you don't really wanna fall out
In the meanwhile, I mean well
You can only reach me on email
Albums, no freestyles
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But Charlie asked me to raise hell
So I'm fire in the booth for
Like you're the firemen, lighting them
Word on the road is that I can't go hard anymore
Then I beg a man "try me then"
I ain't put an album out for about four years
And they're wondering how I spend
How I keep up with the lifestyle
I get along well with the Queens here, that's my friend
Besides the offers rejected
The diary's still looking hectic
Moved that decimal point to the right
Before my lawyers checked it
Some opinions I take in
Stays in, refer back to them
Some opinions I take in
Never stays in, bye bye to them
I've had ups and downs, you learn more from failure
They say what goes up
Really must come down, I was once with a major
And they stuck by me for the ups and downs
Now I'm a label owner, Cloud 9
I'm back to shut sh** down
Remember I told ya? In fact, who shall I sign now?
Tell me who's hot then, oh
Said you're next and you're coming through the door then
Please can you knock then? Oh
Man are looking at me like say "I've got the keys to unlock them"
It's a lot when
When you've got that hype
But lack the songs that go with the hype
Yeah, you thought this was easy, I lied
Calmly, calmly, exercise
Calmly, Charlie, let me know if you're rating the way that I'm doing it

[Instrumental 2: "Yh Yh" by Dirty Danger]

[Instrumental 3: "Xtra" by Ruff Sqwad]

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