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Dirty Danger - Evolving lyrics

Roachee's evolving from the underworld
A no go zone that hasn't been exposed yet
And when the door closes
Your guess as good as mine when it'll be reopened
It's not a holiday camp
My next door neighbours are horrible tramps and other roadmen
And the living conditions are atrocious but that's where the home is
And only the hopefull will progress
Hopefully one day they'll release Joseph
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And even though I'm free, I ain't, cause when I sleep
I'm still woken by other brothers moanin'
I still can't shake off the emotions, but I'm coping
Or maybe it's this weed I'm smoking, this stuffs potent

[Hook: Dirty Danger]
What don't k** me increases the hunger
Your sticks and stones could never take a bad boy under
Studio all day with a little bit of goose and gunja
Ima strike like lightning they don't wanna feel my thunder (my thunder)

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