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Dirty Danger - A Test lyrics

Please do not be alarmed, remain calm
Do not attempt to leave the dance floor
I can go harder than any one of them
Sex, radio k** them on the ...
Prefer the TV see me through the lens
My hits are more than a million again
How many man are gonna send
Countless just like the money that I spend
And the friendships coming to an end
Broken now too late to amend
I've been ... Wild with a pen
Like Eski ... Wiley again
Please don't doubt i am hundred percent
Ruff Sqwad representer right till the end
They all know I am stacking ... they wanna rob me yank my gems
We can take it to the full extend
Like a, f** you and your foolish friends
I came from the dungeon when once in a while we found some
Now i'm young black and handsome
I got white girls beggin for threesomes
I'm setting my sights on some big hit with the ice on
Racking ...
On my 24 carat gold iPhone
I ain't gotta prove what i talk, i walk it
Loads of bars and a tool ...
Everybody is waiting for something exclusive
So we drop bombs bigger than Whoo Kid's
Yeah, i am one of them cool kids
Can't see me i'm highly elusive
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Some say that i define show biz
If you see me around so you know it's mad
Oooofff, Took the Sqwad back to Vegas and we went mad
Oooofff, In an English accent and send them lighties mad
Oooofff, I stayed ever so focused and never went mad
Oooofff, Wait, Where did i go check me
Now i'm back ... i never left
Still got something to prove never the less
Them boys come and gone, them girls come and gone
Yo Jammer who's next? Who's next?
Yeah, i am ever so blessed
Followed the right way never went left
Obey my rules and never protest
Yeah, you know the process
Clothes, sellout. Shows, sellout
From the front row to the back they get out
Yo chill out, heres a zoot billout
(I can't even begin to guess what he says here)
Before i get it out Bring the whole flow out
Didn't know i'm a G hit that star
Cause i don't talk with an accent
Yeah, i'm in my ... and woolly hat
And the same pair of shades ... had
Yeah, I'm a star in the hood
Artist, business man, Gimme that
Ohhh, how long have i got?
We can start from go and move right to the top
It's a freestyle no rule, no block
Nah, i'm done i'm signing i'm off, like ahhh
We repeat. This is only a test

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