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Ding Dong Fallujah Pants - Vomit Cruise lyrics

[Verse 1: Ding Dong Fallujah Pants]
Making it rain, but the rain ain't free
Coming downstairs, uptown ice cream
All these hoes man they call me Mickey Dees
If you want a happy meal, then get on your knees

All the way over here, but we're already there
Got Hello Panda and the cold Root Beer
Like a fire hydrant it ain't no joke
Like Kobe Bryant, raping them hoes

Ding Dong and I'm the champ
See Carlos he's the man

And our boy Vanilla, can't touch his sh**
See our boy Vanilla, he's got a huge dick

I.G.N.A.C.I.O. and like Santa Claus
He's got too many ho's

He'll be raping your mom before you know
Got Jewsee getting those b**hes
He just picks it up, and then he go ditch it

If nobody's f**ing with your clique
Then you must be too busy s**ing on the dick
Man these rappers just talk about ho's and jeans
When Sa**y's on the mic it's real R.A.P.
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[Verse 2: Carlos the Dwarf]
Met you in a mosh and you kiss super dooper
But all I want to do is pack it in your pooper
Don't give a f** about my reputation
I smoke so much I'm on a space station

This s** is hotter than this vindaloo
Shame this b**h looks like she goes 'moo'
See what I'm saying, her vag sports a mane
And all I'm trying to do is get my head in the game

Cruising through India, think I'm gonna finger her
Not quite sure this b**h is from syria
Critea, itinerary, know that fishes flock in many
I got a big rod so you know that I be catching plenty

b**hes, wishes, getting all the riches
Crusing in my Porsche and I'm only smoking swishers
My sh** is fresher than the Prince of Bel-Air
Sodomize him so hard I'll become the next heir

b**hes say my game is smoother than Draper's but that
Fools got nothing cause his sk**s have tapered
Sterling & Co, mess with your ho, snorting the snow, keep up the flow
Our sh** is so trill that it'll keep us rollin in dough

Hit it hard, get it loose, f** your mom, drink her juice
I'm the best from my roost, I'm a god, call me Zeus

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