Ding Dong Fallujah Pants - Riding Antelope lyrics

[Ding Dong Fallujah Pants]
Ain't got no sh** on me
All these b**hes on my D

[Carlos the Dwarf]
Throwing down the beats like we're throwing down the cash,
I'm a find that chubby girl and pound on that a**

[Ding Dong Fallujah Pants]
Rolling up in a Ferrari
Sa**y in the house, no mercy

[Carlos the Dwarf]
I'm scoring hotter than Emile Heskey
None of those b**hes be f**ing with me

[Ding Dong Fallujah Pants]
Don't need gla**es champ from the bottle
Pogo stick on my dick
b**hes going full throttle

[Carlos the Dwarf]
Smoking all the green and selling all the powder
When I slip it in her a** she starts moaning louder

[Ding Dong Fallujah Pants]
When we on that a** DJ better spin our track
Railing those lines right off your b**hes crack

[Carlos the Dwarf]
For this b**h it's Christmas
I'm about to hit this
Search deep within this sack
And Daddy won't want her back

[Ding Dong Fallujah Pants]
On Soundcloud; two plays
We don't give a f**, Sa**y still gets paid

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[Carlos the Dwarf]
I'm higher than a kite
And this beat is f**ing dope
In the club, clits to rub
We're riding antelope

[Ding Dong Fallujah Pants]
Don't know 'bout you
But I know how to get 'em wet
Making that leather slick when she's in the Corvette

[Carlos the Dwarf]
All you b**hes need is a beauty and a beat
Beauty and a beat
Beauty and a beat
(Beauty and a beat)
And all the Dwarf needs is some b**hes who will eat
My a**, that's cla**, more sa**, smoke gra**
Spittin faster and k**in pastors
Cause I'm a plaster, this disaster

[Ding Dong Fallujah Pants]
When you roll with Sa**y, the H is all free
Clear like the Sony HD T.V

[Carlos the Dwarf]
More mint than an eclipse
And smarter than your vet
She don't eat carbs but she's snacking on my baguette

[Ding Dong Fallujah Pants]
While you hit a brick wall
Sa**y keep on running
Don't bother looking back cause ho's is nothing

[Carlos the Dwarf]
In the club with cash money
f**ing all the flash mummies
I ain't done with that a** honey
So keep on coming back chubby

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