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Ding Dong Fallujah Pants - It's Only Smellz lyrics

[Verse 1: Carlos the Dwarf]
Making k**er profits
And I'm the k**er prophet
Misogyny is cool
And even in my youth I said

"f** girls, I'm always feeling too much tooth"
But times they aren't the same
And all the b**hes complain

About this cool disease i spread
Make their p**y taste like bread
Butter up, in I come
And then in my dick I lead

Ba** drops
To make all b**hes wet
Squirting out, oh so hard
Gonna "make the jelly set"

Double hold a beat
And all the b**hes like "whaaaat?"
On my dick, she will sit
Come on bro lets see some squats

Pumping out the iron
And I'm cumming like a lion
Im the king, she will sing

In the panorama
You can see me hammer hannah
Bigger banana than the hulk
It's all the gamma

The organic hispanic
Will make you panic like titanic
Smash into an iceberg
And you all b**hes are manic

This is a confession of depression
My impression of this
Session will make me question
My succession of regression on my obsession

[Verse 2: Ding Dong Fallujah Pants]
This whack rap scene
Or on her back on the bed
In either situation
I'm going to get ahead

I'd rather pay for these ho's
Then waste time on this girl
Well I guess free s**
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Is the most expensie in the world

b**hes coming up like
'I'm your biggest fan'
And she s**s like a hoover

Cops s**ing cocks
Shaped like Glocks
Make them pop

Haters hating on us
Cause they don't know
How to stop

These Sa**y Window beats
Where we drop it
Like it's not

You know we make it rain
And then it pours
But you're so poor

We f** your mom so hard
She has to lick it
Off the floor

You know that she's so ugly
But we keep coming
Back for more

Your sh**s so wrong
And your flow
Is so lame

In other words
You're pretty much
2 Chainz

Boy, I can't wait
To hear the theme
Of his latest song

Wait, let me guess
Is it
Louis Vuitton?

See us cruising down your street
And you know
That we go hard

I'm reppin T-dot
I'm emphasising
All my R's

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