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Ding Dong Fallujah Pants - b**hes lyrics

[Verse 1: Carlos the Dwarf]

I bring the thunder
You bring the rain
She said stop
I still went and came

I'mma shut you down
Gonna kiss my crown
Ain't nothing funny
'Bout that Sa**y sound

It ain't funny
All your hate
Come and hop on my dick
b**h meet your fate

I'm Ivy league
I'll plant my seed
Non stop and watch
My incredible speed

I'mma stop, drop, cop, pop, rock and roll
And she gonna stop, stop, not f** and haul
Her sweet little a** and a bag full of gra**
Back to her hood where her daddy wears a mask

All my rhymes
They have no reason
Call the rap committee
And arrest me for treason

I'm smoking gra**
I'm spending cash
My tongues 3 deep
In this b**hes a**

The soft bullet in, is the hard bullet out
Doesn't stop Yoshimi because she doesn't f** about
f** this sh** that we call life
I wanna be alone and high as a kite

[Verse 2: Ding Dong Fallujah Pants]

Well when Sa**y window rhyme
Man you gotta admit
[Lyrics from: https:/**hes.html]
We got money in the bank
And b**hes on our dick

And bowl of rice krispies
On the counter top
When haters come around
It goes snap, crackle, pop

And the Dwarf gonna show you
How to use the bathroom lock
And there ain't no body coming
So don't bother yelling stop

Girl I think you're chill
But lets be real you're not a dime
Try to think of ten ways
You're even worth my time

These b**hes so annoying man
I gotta confess
They're like 'OMG I'm ugly
And you look the best'

'And my Tumblr account
Could sure use a rest
But first I got to post
This really cute dress'

Oops, did I offend you?
Well I'm sorry
Open up your Mac Book
Get on safari

You'll be crawling back
When I get my Ferrari
Sitting on the seaside
Sipping on Bacardi

Cause once you go coco
You'll go loco
You can ask your boyfriend
What he think this four fo'

f**ing up my sh**
Man you'd think your name was yoko
Got your mom on my dick
Up and down like a yoyo

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