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Ding Dong Fallujah Pants - 4 DA H8ERS lyrics

[Verse 1: Carlos the Dwarf]
Yesterday I see you out f**ing a llama
Calmer like a farmer while I focus on your momma
Rolling in the deep, we're rolling in the cash
Set fire to the rain, I'm cumming in her a**

Her hair smells good
But her corpse smells fresher
Put her on ice, ice
Baby under pressure

You could think our rhymes are nasty
First off, lastly
I'm a lick your mom
Like a god damn Gastly

Damn our beats are first rate
Carlos wanna get paid, get laid
First date, don't wait get baked
All day, all night party while the scene is aight
Party at the scene tonight


[Verse 2: Ding Dong Fallujah Pants]
Haters let us know
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We're a f**ing joke
It won't be that funny when we f**ing with your hoes

Peek throuh that window
See us jizzing on her tits
Ain't nothing funny when she's on that Sa**y spit

Own this motherf**er, and b**h you get to watch
Hard to understand haters on sa**y cocks
45 minutes and we drop down a beat
We're to busy raping all the b**hes on your street

Got our label pay out, $40 million cash
No time for pins, we spending that sh** fast
All these haters on their knees, man they learn fast
9 mil in your mouth, 9 inches in your a**

When I give you that look
b**h you know I wanna
Y'all heard of Breadbox?
Many Iguanas

My Glock or my cock, it's up to you
No teeth b**h, you know how Ding Dong do
Your mom's a f**ing whore, don't bother pulling out
Dominate her anus, that's what Sa**y's all about

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