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DigHayZoose - Water's Way lyrics

If we dump all our sin onto the shore
It goes into the river & back 2 my door
I'd love 2 C the sky at my window
U never know what can go with the flow
Life was grand some time ago
But it's been this way 4 as long as I know
I'd love 2 C the blue in the sky
But the weather man says I'm gonna die

And the river runs black - in my outback

I'm walkin' in the rain & it burns my skin
Runnin' in my eyes & I start 2 cry
Cuz I know it's my fault & it's your fault 2
4 all the stupid things that we shouldn't do
We have wasted this earth
And we can't turn away
4 the damage we have done the innocent will pay
We close our eyes
And say it isn't there
While our world melts away & we die in dispair
We are drowning in our garbage
& the filth our hands have made
And the money can't replace
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The price that must B paid
We have fallen short
Of our duty here on earth
We were taught 2 waste the world
From our d**h 2 our birth
God has placed a price on the head of every man
All have been made guilty
2 the end of this land
Apathy or arrogance
Won't turn our deeds away
We have loosed the damage
And our deeds have gone astray
From Voltaire 2 Hitler every ear that's heard
From Chrnobyl to Quindaro
Christ will have the last word

So now let's work 2 gether
All of the saints pray 4 the weather
I want 2 C another clear day
All the saints on your knees 2 pray
Petition God, petition man
Let's work together try to save this land
FForgive me God for the sincerity I lack
But the water runs black in my outback

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