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DigHayZoose - Psychadelic Mommy lyrics

Well I got stabbed in the back
By the few that I trust
Who had the same ideals as me
Then I had 2 play the martyr
Such a pitiful theme
I took the fall 4 all 2 see
Cause when it came time 2 act
They all turned their backs
& crossed their line of right
Now I'm working even harder
Tryin' 2 keep from being martyred
Stayin' out of the public sight

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I wont back down
I won't back down

Well I'm an artist & a Christian
Money doesn't motivate
Still I'm pummled by the powers that B
While others see it out -
Plus people "twist & shout"
& they still point the finger at me
So I see they're out there waiting 4 me
2 take the fall & I find I'm sealed by a word
But I won't back down by the truth I am bound
No matter what is said & heard

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