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DigHayZoose - Ozeptune lyrics

U can slap my face
Knock me down
Trample me into
The ground
Wrap your hands
Around my throat
You'll hear me say
As I choke

Physical wounds heal & pa**
It's the grudges u hold that r bound 2 last
I'm not perfect this is true -
But let me be the first with I love u

I forgive u
4 the things u have done
I forgive you
4 the things yet 2 come
& if I ever should trespa** u
I hope that u would forgive me 2

Mow me over
With your pity
I'll keep on
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Dealin' with me
Throw your stones
I'll duck down
With His love
Your rage I'll drown

Words of hate you'll soon regret
Do you mean whatcha say when you're upset
You'll find it out once it's said
Too bad, so sad u can put it back in your head

You're mind is all set
You've said goodbye
I'm left in the wake
Of you're self-pride
This isn't the way
It was mean 2 B
So I'll go 2 God
Humble on my knees

It may be hard 2 clear my head
Of promises made, words were said
All in God will B true
In His name I love u

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